Baby names 2023: the most popular for the coming year

modified: 2022-12-26 22:50:02

Each year, choosing first names for your child can seem difficult. But, here are the top 20 names of 2023, the most given.

  Baby names 2023: the most popular for the coming year

Over the years, the first names have evolved greatly. Although some, which remained very given in the past, keep their vogue. The example with the first name Louis, which has been found for many years in France, even at the time of the Kings. And yet it doesn't seem to go out of style . So, whether you're looking for a first name idea for your future child, or you don't want him to be called like most other children. Here are the top 20 first names in 2023, the most given in France.

A sometimes complex choice

Indeed, many French people may have had first name ideas for their children for many years. But sometimes, a setback can occur and ruin your idea of ​​a first name. For example, you become friends with a person whose child has the name you want to give to yours. Or even, if someone voluntarily or not, decided to steal your idea.

This story has happened to many people. So there you have two choices. Either, you change your mind, or you maintain it , no matter what consequences that may have. It must be said that in a class of children, there are often several children with the same first name. So, if your child has the same first name as a cousin, is it really serious ?

In the ways to choose names 2023, there are parents who wish to give a name with meaning. We find very popular first names with meanings in the Viking era for 2022. Or even names in foreign languages ​​that also mean a lot to parents .

Indira Ampiot, a meaningful first name

We find for example the example of our Miss France 2023. The latter who represented Guadeloupe for the contest is called Indira Ampiot. And it must be recognized, his first name does not remain as among the French. And it's still normal because this first name actually comes from India. If these parents decided to name it that, it remains for the meaning.

First of all, they want to look at Indian first names, in homage to the grandfather of the latter of Indian origin . Then, Indira means beauty, which obviously paid off. But, Indira remains a popular first name in India. . This thanks to Indira Gandhi , the the country's first female prime minister who helped govern for 15 years .

Thus, choosing an original first name is not so difficult if you really look good. But, if not, you can look at the most given names in 2023 to find an idea for your future baby.

The Top 20 Baby Names 2023

In the top 20 of the most given first names in 2023, we find in last place Ines for girls and noah for the boys. Then we find Charlie feminine and Nathan . Before that, Lena and Paul . Then Leah and Isaac , a first name with an important meaning. In place, Agathe and Leon and Chloé and Aaron . In 14th place are the first names Iris like the goddess and Sacha . Then, for the 13th place, first names with few letters like Lou and Liam follow Lina and Lucas . In 11th place are the classics Julia and Hugo . For tenth place, she goes to My and Noah for the boys.

In the Top 10 first names 2023, we find in ninth place Romy and Gabin follow up d'Anna and Adam . For the seventh place, we find Rose and Mael and top 6 Sunrise as the daughter of Kendji Girac and Jules . In Top 5, we find the classics Alice and Louis. For fourth place, Amber and Arthur and Emma and Raphael for third place. On the second place of the podium, we find then Louise and Leo . Finally, the most given first name for a girl remains Exit and Gabriel for the boys.

We can therefore quite see that in the first names of 2023, the most given often remain enough first names courts . And if someone seems with origins other than French, most are still very classic.

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