Back-to-school allowance: update your data with the CAF

modified: 2023-05-12 20:09:02

Every year in August, the back-to-school allowance helps many families. But how to get it?

  Back-to-school allowance

Source of criticism and even heated debate on TV sets, the back-to-school allowance remains very useful to many parents of students . In total, more than 3 million households could claim it in 2022. This corresponds to a boost for 5.5 million students, from primary to high school. However, to receive this aid, you must have an account with CAF. And take a number of steps so that the organization can assess your eligibility for this social benefit , paid before the start of the school year. To avoid unpleasant surprises, Foozine explains how to anticipate these formalities now.

Who can receive the back-to-school allowance?

Like many other nudges of the CAF , it can concern both parents without activities and workers. In addition, you can apply for this aid as soon as you have at least children, educated in primary or secondary education. Even if this device does not only concern households with low resources , here are the income limits annual not to be exceeded.

You can have the allowance back to school for 1 child, when you earn less than 25,370 euros.

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  • If you have two children, the ceiling used by CAF increases to 31,225 euros per year .
  • For families with three children attending school, the limit not to be exceeded is 37,080 euros.
  • Finally, if 4 children go to school, college or high school in your household, you have the back-to-school allowance, as long as your income does not exceed 42,935 euros.

So, even if you have a comfortable income, you can absolutely apply for this social service . And even if your resources exceed the scale , CAF can agree to help you, by paying you allocation partial back to school. This system is therefore aimed at the majority of French families, including the middle classes. However, you must make sure you have done what is necessary to receive this precious boost...

  L'allocation de rentrée scolaire
The back-to-school allowance helped more than 5 million students to equip themselves in 2022 – Photo credits: iStock

Carefully check your CAF file

There are no online steps or forms to fill out to get this money in August. By default, the CAF, and the MSA, make the transfer to all eligible families , by their resources and the composition of their household. But it is still necessary to have transmitted this information to the administration! You must therefore have an account with one of these two organizations.

However, you must also have filled in several fields, so that the CAF or the MSA can know if you are entitled (or not) to the back-to-school allowance :

  • Your family situation: do you live alone? In a relationship with ? How many dependent children are attached to your household? How old are these minors?
  • How much have you earned in the last 12 months? If you do not forward this information to CAF, do not expect to receive help in August 2023.

To put the odds on your side, here is the procedure to follow:

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  • Create a CAF account (or MSA, if you work in agriculture). If you already have one, log in to your personal space .
  • Make sure your household and resource information is up-to-date. Fill in the missing data if necessary.

In case of doute, no do not hesitate to contact your CAF, via the email available online . You will thus have time to regularize your file before the summer. Thus, you will be able to receive the allowance back to school on time to buy your children's supplies before September.

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