Back to school: what changes from September for 6th graders

modified: 2023-01-14 09:08:02

To consolidate their achievements, sixth-grade students will have hours of support from the next school year.

  Back to school: what changes from September for 6th graders

At the time of their arrival at college , not all students have the same level. Indeed, in sixth grade, some children still have trouble reading and writing fluently. These shortcomings therefore lead some young people to have great difficulties, which accumulate over the course of their studies. Repetitions, reorientations … solutions exist. However, to get to the root of the problem, the National Education has other projects. Thus, from back to school 2023 , all sixth graders will have support hours in their timetable. Despite everything, this news divides many in the teaching body.

Back to school: technology courses or support hours

Accompany the students to the best , without overloading their schedule … To do this, the National Education plans to cut one hour of technology per week. Remember, this is that stuff for familiarize students with mechanics, electronics or even computers. In return, the programs for this subject should evolve from the start of the 2023 school year. From now on, they will address » digital autonomy, computer code or notions of robotics. »

The time saved by reducing this discipline will allow children to consolidate their achievements . Thus, the hours of tutoring will not weigh down the children's schedule. These times will allow them to deepen the basic skills . The objective of this system from the start of the 2023 school year? Consolidate knowledge about 'mastery of spelling, writing, syntax, vocabulary, numeration, fractions, calculation, quantities, measurements...'

First, Topics covered may vary from student to student , but also between the start of the school year and the end of the year. For example, a child who has difficulty reading when entering 6th grade can first be directed to a reading course. At the end of three months, he will have made progress and he will then be able to take a course on fractions the following term. Finally, in March, depending on his level, he can join a geometry course. »

Education unions cringe

Among the teachers , some do not hide their skepticism about the next school year . For them, this is, once again, an inefficient measure, aimed above all at saving money. The SNES-FSU thus took the floor in the columns of the world . “Setting up the hour of support by removing a discipline is confirmation that the announcements on the 6th are made with constant means. »

On the side of syndicat SN-UNSA , Stéphane Crochet evokes 'a budgetary choice, without pedagogical basis'. Anger shared by Jean-Rémi Girard, from SNALC , in the pages of Le Figaro. Obviously, this measure will have to convince before the next school year. “We are very strongly opposed to this idea. We must stop invoking pseudo-pedagogical arguments! We know that the ministry is trying to solve its problems of recruiting techno teachers in this way. »

Hope the National Education will find common ground with teachers before the start of the 2023 school year. Indeed, despite government promises, this profession continues to make faced with a shortage of candidates .

Source : Capital