Bank account: this mistake to avoid because it will cost you more in 2023

modified: 2023-01-15 01:22:02

With inflation, deciding which bank account you leave your savings in is critically important.

  Bank account: this mistake to avoid because it will cost you more in 2023

Since the beginning of 2022, the French have been facing a sharp rise in prices. According to INSEE, inflation reached 5.9% last December . Also, households are doing everything they can to reduce their spending. But in this context, you must also pay particular attention to the bank account you use. In effect, the current account is very practical to withdraw money or make daily purchases. But he has no real interest in investing savings. However, every year, many French people let their money sleep in the wrong bank account. Here is a little decryption for optimize your investments .

Keeping your money in the current account: the bad plan

At the end of October 2022, more than 500 billion euros remained invested, sleeping on current accounts . Reported to the French population, this is equivalent to 17,600 euros per household. Or 9,430 euros for each individual aged 15 or over. Of course, these figures remain simple averages. In reality, money 'forgotten' in a bank account is not for everyone. Far from there. Because there are big disparities from one person to another, in terms of income and wealth .

Indeed, many homes are now struggling to end the month without falling into the red. But some, among the wealthiest, have not really the right reflexes for their savings . Indeed, the bank account you use on a daily basis can cause you to lose purchasing power if you keep too large sums there. With inflation at 5.9% , it is better to opt for an investment.

Switch from bank account to savings account

If your means allow you to put money aside , you should avoid keeping it in your usual bank account. Indeed, due to rising prices, savings books see their interest rate rise . Thus, the famous booklet A will go from 2 to 3% in February. According to the Minister of Economy, ' This is the third consecutive increase. » However, be aware that you cannot exceed the ceiling of 22,950 euros on this bank account.

Another savings account, the LDDS allows you to invest up to 12,000 euros. And its rate remains indexed to that of the Livret A, it should therefore reach 3% also in February 2023. With such remuneration, these two very secure investments remain accessible to everyone, within the limit of one bank account per person.

Finally, the popular savings account (LEP) offers the most interesting rate, because it will undoubtedly go from 4.2 to 6.1%. Bruno Le Maire recalls that this is the only bank account that can fully protect your savings against rising prices. “We will be the only country in Europe that will offer its compatriots a guaranteed savings account at a rate higher than inflation. » However, not everyone can open a popular savings account . Two conditions must be met:

  • Residing in France
  • Being older than 18
  • Have a tax reference income (RFR) less than or equal to 21,393 euros for a tax portion .

You will have understood it, if you have the possibility of setting aside , do not hesitate. But always remember to do it on a bank account that will allow you to accrue interest . Indeed, by placing 10,000 euros on a booklet A, this investment will earn you 330 euros. Ditto for an LDDS. Finally, in the case of a LEP, you can obtain 610 euros in interest in twelve months.

Source : West France