Bathroom: what aid and subsidies are there to renovate it at a lower cost?

modified: 2023-01-14 17:12:02

In our homes, the bathroom plays an essential role. Here are the aids you can claim to renovate it.

  Bathroom: what aid and subsidies are there to renovate it at a lower cost?

Every morning and every evening, the bathroom remains a must . However, to enjoy it serenely, it is better that it is in very good condition. Indeed, over time, pipes, showers and tiles can quickly deteriorate. To prevent the situation from degenerating, it is therefore necessary to start renovation as soon as the need arises. However, it is often necessary plan a budget to finance this type of work . Fortunately, the French can count on many helpers to bring their bathroom up to standard.

The Easy Living bonus

The national housing agency acts to encourage households to carry out renovation work. It thus proposes to partially finance the expenses incurred. Among the boosts it can provide, the Easy Living bonus is ideal for getting your bathroom back in shape.

This scheme is only intended for owners who have occupied the same accommodation for more than 15 years. For modest homes , the aid paid to the ANAH can reach 35% of the cost of the work. And very modest households can expect financing up to 50%. Finally, you must use an RGE-certified professional to qualify. In a bathroom, the 'Living Easy' bonus concerns the following renovations:

  • Installing safety ramps
    Replacing your bathtub by a walk-in shower
  • Laying a non-slip floor

Ma prim adapt’: a bathroom for people with reduced mobility

When suffering from a handicap , some facilities are essential. They allow you to benefit from more autonomy on a daily basis. Also, there exists help to organize your home , and in particular its bathroom. Thus, Ma premium adapt’ allows 40 to 90% to finance works. Here are the renovations concerned:

  • The replacement of a bathtub by a walk-in shower
  • The fixing of ramps or other arrangements to facilitate access to the toilets for people with reduced mobility

Limit your energy consumption when showering

Renovate your bathroom doesn't just make it look prettier. By making the right choices, you can also lower your energy bill. Thus, all owners can benefit from the “live better” bonus. With an amount of 1500 euros, it finances renovation projects, insofar as they allow save 25-35% energy .

Finally, to prevent your bathroom from consuming too much energy, you can also use MaPrimeRenov’ . The famous device can allow you to obtain between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. The amount of this aid depends on the work you are undertaking. In the case of' a renovation bathroom , this aid covers:

  • Water Heater Replacement,
  • Improved thermal insulation of bathrooms,
  • Installation of radiator .

The most modest households can also benefit from the MaPrimeRénov’ Sérénité scheme. This assistance includes follow-up , advice, but also an envelope that can climb up to 15,000 euros. You will thus have all the cards in hand to transform your bathroom from A to Z. But throughout your work, always pay attention to the certifications of the craftsmen you use.

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