Beijing Express: Céline and Xavier meet for a very special occasion

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After 3 weeks without seeing each other, the winners of 'Beijing Express' 2023 are meeting again. A special occasion shared on Instagram.

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On April 20, 2023, M6 broadcast the final of the 17th season “Beijing Express”. The show ended with the great victory of the duo formed by Xavier and Céline . After the end of the adventure, the 61-year-old boss and his 33-year-old employee never saw each other again. The two participants were separated from each other , until May 8, during a special event. A story published on Instagram let it be known that they have resumed. We tell you everything.

Two winners of “Beijing Express”

The boss and the employee managed to get along well for support each other to the point of reaching the final . At the start of the issue , their duet made viewers react.

They tried to conduct the game while maintaining strictly professional relationships. It was strange to see these two participants of 'Beijing Express' address each other. It didn't last long when things got tough and the two participants got closer .

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A publication shared by Céline (@celine_pekinexpress17)

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Thanks to their complicity, Céline and her boss narrowly won the show . During the final, the duo crossed the finish line 6 minutes early of Alexander and Shirin. The game is not the only victory for Xavier and Céline since, now, they are very good friends.

Since the end of the show, Xavier and Céline no longer work together . This is not caused by any disagreement between the two parties. xavier just wanted to quit and retire .

“At some point, you have to stop, it tired Beijing Express,” confided the dean in the columns of Diverto.

A birthday reunion

The boss and employee relationship between Xavier and Céline therefore no longer exists. Even if the adventure ended, the two winners of 'Beijing Express' did not lose sight of each other . Céline had revealed in Diverto, that she and her former boss still spent time together with the wife of the latter.

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'We are going to eat together, we see each other with Rosalie, Xavier's wife, we spend a lot of time together,' said the 33-year-old young woman.

Celine's Instagram story, dated May 8, also proves that the duo have remained close . For many French people, it was a public holiday, but this day was special for Xavier.

That day, Xavier was celebrating his birthday. A great opportunity for the two participants of “Beijing Express” 2023 to meet again. The little birthday party took place at the Amnéville casino, near Metz .

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Xavier was surrounded by some of his relatives to celebrate his 61st birthday. For the occasion, Celine had posted a photo of the Lorraine at the restaurant .

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“Look who I find? “, she wrote.

Application for “Beijing Express” season 18

Registrations to participate in the next season of the game presented by Stéphane Rotenberg are already open. Those who wish to participate will have to give everything to stand out from the thousands of other candidates . Of the 400 duos convened in Paris, only 08 pairs are selected.

To submit an application, you must she surrenders on the site dedicated casting-pekinexpress . A file to be completed will be provided whether for a pair or a solo person. It will be necessary to obtain 3 photos per person, including a portrait, a silhouette and a personality.

To be able to participate in “Beijing Express” season 18, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be available 45 days in the 3rd quarter of 2023 (October to December 2023)

A short descriptive video is strongly recommended. The video will be like a cover letter for the candidate. And this, in addition to the questions already asked in the forms. This is a step that should not be overlooked since it will allow everyone to convince the game's producers television adventure.

Casters are looking for people who are driven and will stop at nothing to achieve victory. You have to prove your motivation as well as his ability to pass well on screen .

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A publication shared by Céline (@celine_pekinexpress17)

The show may be called “Beijing Express”, only 3 shoots took place in China . So, could the next season take place in China? So far, the production has not yet given more information regarding the next season. She will soon let you know when the time comes.

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