Beijing Express: date, news, casting, what you need to know about 'The secret choice'

modified: 2023-02-02 22:04:02

“Beijing Express: the secret choice” is coming soon to M6. On the program: 8 new candidates, incredible landscapes, new rules.

  Beijing Express: date, news, casting, what'il faut savoir sur « Le choix secret »

“Beijing Express” returns for season 17, with the title 'the secret choice' . M6's adventure television program will be broadcast on February 16, 2023, that is to say before the new season of 'Koh-Lanta' on TF1. The program presented by Stéphane Rotenberg since 2006, will take place in South America. 8 pairs will compete for the 100,000 euros at stake . This season will be influenced by new novelties. We tell you everything in the following lines.

What is the Beijing Express 2023 route?

Beijing Express 2023 will take place in South America . The first episode will be launched this Thursday, February 16, 2023. Over the weeks, the candidates will cross 3 countries.

During the filming of this season 17, entitled the 'Secret choice', Stéphane Rotenberg gave some clues in an Instagram video .

'I'm going to tell you about the road and maybe the oldest and most faithful among you recognize the place where I am, because the atmosphere there is still unique. I'm at the Train Graveyard in the Uyuni Desert. We had already been here in 2008, during season 3. Please note that the 2022-2023 route is approximately 85% new. But still, what a place! “, he confides.

The route will begin in Bolivia, precisely, “in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, the highest capital in the world. On the program, the host talked about “doing all the crazy things, and God knows there are things: La Paz, Sucre, Uyuni, the Salt Desert…” .

Then the teams will go to Paraguay.

“We have never been to this country. It will be the discovery of an incredible nature, very wild. And then the ancient civilizations, unknown, for the candidates, it will be multiple shocks, ”continues the host.

The trip will finally end in Brazil on an unprecedented route. However, candidates had to face a tropical storm . The production therefore had to replace some proofs at the very last minute. The final will take place 'in the most beautiful bay in the world', in this case in Rio .

The major new features of Beijing Express 2023

This year, the production confirmed that there would be no hidden binomial . This detail will be replaced by a new rule. However, two major new features of Beijing Express 2023 are already known. One concerns the Final Duel and the other is called Infernal Roulette .

The first change applies to the Final Duel choice. This will be seen at the end of each stage. In previous seasons, the pair arrived last in an eliminatory event could choose their opponents in order to compete for their place . From now on, the designation of this pair will be made following an anonymous vote.

Candidates are going to have to be more strategic. They could designate any pair still in the running , apart from the winners of the event and the immune duo.

According to the producer of the show, this novelty will enhance the course of each candidate .

“It will really change a lot of things. Before the last ones rather took the less strong pair to go to the final duel. Now, the others can say to themselves that, on the contrary, sending the strongest to a final duel could be interesting. This rule brings a little layer of strategy and alliances, it will change the program a little bit,” he said.

The second creation of this year is Roulette infernale. It is a wheel that Stéphane Rotenberg spins in front of the candidates. This one will attribute any handicap to the candidates .

Indeed, the infernal Roulette will advance the candidates under rather special conditions. For example, they will be asked to not utter a particular word or just express themselves in song.

Who are the new pairs?

The new pairs of this unprecedented Beijing Express season are 8 in number. In total, 16 candidates will join the adventure .

These are :

  • Alexandra and Laura: “The dog and cat sisters”,
  • Alexandre and Chirine: “The strategist lovers”,
  • Colette and Léa: “The Marseillaise aunt and niece”,
  • Cyrille and Luc: “The Breton couple”
  • Nathalie and Angie: “The Unknowns”
  • Paloma and Jason: 'The strange Belgian couple',
  • Tanguy and Florian: “Candid cousins”,
  • Xavier and Céline: “The boss and the employee from Lorraine”.

Source : Francelive