Benjamin Castaldi: after a duel with Guillaume Genton, he goes to the hospital

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After being injured without realizing it, Benjamin Castaldi wakes up in pain. This earned him sick leave.

  Benjamin Castaldi: after a duel with Guillaume Genton, he goes to the hospital

While it started out as a simple joke, this resulted in sick leave … Suffice to say that on December 7, the awakening was hard for Benjamin Castaldi . After an X-ray, the columnist discovers that his injury from the day before is more serious than he thought. So what happened? We tell you everything in this article.

Benjamin Castaldi improvises as a boxer

It all started on Tuesday December 6, 2022 on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. That day, the program broadcast live on C8 had boxing champion Arsen Goulamirian as guest .

Like he usually does, Cyril Hanouna wanted to give some life to the set . Maybe he even overdid it? In any case, he asked a few of his columnists to put on gloves .

This in order to make duels. It was first Gilles Verdez and Guillaume Genton who first lent themselves to the game . After a few nice exchanges, it's the turn Benjamin Castaldi to face the one who has a weakness for Delphine Wespiser .

Pumped up, the former host of “Loft Story” hastily enters the scene . The two columnists then began to give each other a few blows that seemed harmless. This does, they each go back to their place under the applause .

If no one had noticed anything at that time, not even the principal concerned, however, something happened . Benjamin Castaldi will not make the remark until the next day, when he wakes up…

Benjamin Castaldi on sick leave

Despite appearances, the fight was not so harmless for Benjamin Castaldi . Like what, the grandson of Simone Signoret would have suffered damage. He also spoke on this subject during his appearance on the program 'Morning Sans Filtre', presented by Guillaume Genton on Virgin Radio .

“This morning I woke up very early and I had a lot of pain on my left side. Yesterday I felt that you had given me a little blow, but I said to myself: “Well, since he has nothing in the bag, he could not have hurt me very much …” began Benjamin Castaldi.

It was obviously a bad judgment, because his pain was very real . Simon Castaldi's father then continued his story by saying:

“So this morning I rushed to the little radio center next to my house. I did a little X-ray quickly and discovered that I had a small crack. Not much, but it's a little pain nonetheless! »

It should be noted that all remained in a good-natured tone . Moreover, Benjamin Castaldi does not seem to blame his colleague. between two laughs, the 50-year-old launched with humor :

“Given what I earn per day and that in addition I will have to stop, I hope you have good insurance! »

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This before concluding with:

'So there you go, now I'm off work! »

The fault of Gilles Verdez?

As you can imagine, Guillaume Genton was very surprised by the words of Benjamin Castaldi . Indeed, he never would have thought that their little bickering the day before was going to end like this.

In 'Morning Sans Filtre', his morning show on Virgin Radio, Cyril Hanouna's columnist apologizes to his sidekick . He also takes the opportunity to dot the i's.

'I'm sorry my Benji, but I have to tell you the truth…' he said.

According to Guillaume Genton, another columnist present on the set would have suggested to him to hit harder . Who is it ? Unsurprisingly, it is Gilles Verdez, the former editor-in-chief of Le Parisien.

“In fact, there is another columnist who asked me to type a little hard. It was Gilles Verdez who told me “Smash it”. I swear it's true! “, revealed Guillaume Genton to Benjamin Castaldi.

Holy Gilles! Always is it more fear than harm for Benjamin Castaldi . After a few days of well-deserved rest, it is surely in great shape that he will return to the set of 'TPMP'.

We wish him a quick recovery !

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