Benjamin Castaldi: At Jordan, the columnist confides in his wife Aurore Aleman

modified: 2023-03-10 12:16:05

Benjamin Castaldi tracked down by his wife Aurore, astonishing revelations. “She put microphones and cameras on me…”.

  Benjamin Castaldi

On March 7, Jordan De Luxe hosted a new episode of At Jordan's on C8, with the presence of Benjamin Castaldi as a guest. At the end of the interview, Benjamin's wife, Aurore Aleman, joined the set to chat with her husband. She mentioned the fact that she watched him closely in their private lives.

Benjamin Castaldi has been unfaithful in the past

Chronicle it of Do not touch My TV was not the most faithful of men. Indeed, he has already confided that in his previous marriages he was 'hot in the ass'. In particular in her marriage with Flavie Flament, the mother of his first son .

However, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that he suddenly became a faithful man as soon as he met his current wife, Aurore Aleman. ' The only woman who managed to calm me down is my current wife. But it's because she knows very well who I am and if I receive a text message, it rings on the microwave so inevitably... She has everything connected at home! “, he confided.

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Moreover, Jordan De Luxe immediately reacted to these remarks. Indeed, he asked if the wife of Benjamin Castaldi had really placed a router to track down her husband. ' E She put microphones and cameras on me in the apartment. » , replied the columnist under the eyes of his companion.

However, Benjamin Castaldi's girlfriend claimed that he was more jealous than her. “So already I want to say that he checks my phone as much as I check his. “, she delivered. In effect, the columnist claimed he was very jealous. 'So I'm not the house psychopath at all.' The phone rang once, it was at the beginning of our story, I don't even have his codes on my phone or his emails anymore, so no, we're past that. “, she continued.

Aurore Aleman fears losing her husband

The two lovers live an idyll that never ceases to make them happy. Nevertheless, Benjamin Castaldi's wife feels an irrational fear of losing him. ' I'm afraid every day of losing him “, she confided.

Moreover, the producer does not fail to praise her husband Benjamin Castaldi. ' He's my sunshine in my life, he's my pillar, he's my love, he's my mate, we're having fun, he's Gabriel's father... he's my husband. “, she dropped full of love and admiration. It is for this reason that the pretty blonde is so afraid of losing her husband. Indeed, she is completely in love with Benjamin Castaldi whom she admires as husband and father.

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However, she is not afraid to expand the family with Benjamin Castaldi. But, she comes up against the refusal of her husband who is too old for that. It must be said that he is already the father of four boys, born to three different women. There are his elders Julien (27 years old) and Simon (21 years old), from his union with Valérie Sapienza, Enzo (18 years old) from his love with the host Flavie Flament and finally Gabriel, the youngest.

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