Benjamin Castaldi: his son boosted by Magali Berdah, Kelly Vedovelli is angry!

modified: 2022-09-15 21:14:01

Benjamin Castaldi has been put in an uncomfortable position because of his son. He takes the reigns on TPMP to restore his reputation!

  Benjamin Castaldi

Benjamin Castaldi is a famous personality who is no longer indifferent to everyone. Indeed, this is the columnist who has been sitting with Cyril Hanouna for years in TPMP. On Monday, September 12, 2022, this host had to speak up to save the honor of his son. The latter was at the center of a controversy following a revelation from Compléments d'Enquête. The details !

Benjamin Castaldi: His last name is dragged through the mud in public!

Benjamin Castaldi's career in front of the media is most surprising. We note that it has been shining in the spotlight for years. This still continues to be the case!

on participation in Touche pas à mon poste de C8 is still relevant. In addition, one could even say that it represents the soul of this program. Everyone appreciates his good jokes and anecdotes a little out of place each time diffusion .

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Thanks to his numerous performances, Benjamin Castaldi for your good I will build my notoriety in public . From now on, he and his family have become stars in the eyes of all. As we know so well, being a star is far from a piece of cake.

Like the paparazzi , everyone is on the lookout for our every move. Which explains why Julien was the subject of an impressive buzz last week. The presenter's son was mentioned in Additional Investigations!

The reputation of the Castaldi soiled on France 2!

Each week, a new episode of Complément d'Enquête is shared with the viewer. This is happening on the second channel of France Television! This is a show televised which consists in bringing to light shady affairs.

Most of the time, the target of this investigation is none other of the stars of television . Moreover, on Sunday September 11, the name of Benjamin Castaldi was in the forefront. Why ?

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In fact, it is not directly columnist who was the subject of this accusation. He is the son of Benjamin Castaldi! It should be noted that the recent broadcast of this program spoke about the agency Shauna Events.

Or, Julien has been working there as a sales agent for years . In other words, we are talking about the eldest son of the presenter of Seven to Eight! In addition, in the batch of information delivered to the public, an incredible revelation was unveiled on the nature of his recruitment. Apparently, he would have been boosted!

Benjamin Castaldi defends his son and a friend supports him!

Since the noise of this information, the family of Benjamin Castaldi is pointed out . Frustrated by this situation, the latter also wanted to make things clear in TPMP the day after.

At first, he agreed that Julien received support to be hired. Then, he explained that his son managed to deserve the place he was offered.

With insistence, Cyril Hanouna questioned Benjamin Castaldi on the identity of the benefactor of his son. This loving father revealed that it was his best friend Magali Berdah. Knowing the donjuan reputation of the latter, his interlocutors took the news from a slightly skeptical angle.

For his part, Kelly Vedovelli supported him with such fervor She finds it hard to hide her annoyance. She said : ' We have to stop being offended by everything. It exists everywhere, in all companies, you always have the son of a thing who is hired on an internship because he knows the boss etc' and adds: 'Pistonnage of what? If he sucks he's fired who cares! “She is also a close friend of Benjamin Castaldi!