Benjamin Castaldi humiliated by Cyril Hanouna in TPMP: this columnist adds a layer!

modified: 2022-09-22 13:39:01

Benjamin Castaldi still faces Cyril Hanouna. The latter reminds him of his past and his money problems.

  Benjamin Castaldi

Since the mad success of the show Secret Story and Loft Story , we can say that Benjamin Castaldi was rolling in gold. He enjoyed himself with many whims . Without thinking too much about the repercussions of his actions, he is now in debt. To remind him of these unthinkable gestures, Cyril Hanouna criticizes him for his way of being. Of course, he hadn't expected that kind of remarks at all.

Benjamin Castaldi lived like the rich!

During the great success of his broadcasts, Benjamin Castaldi did not deprive himself of anything. However, in the absence of his mismanagement of his assets, he finds himself with enormous debts . Recently, we could see on the set of Do not touch My TV , the attack of the animator , recalling that the father of Lino and Bianca, borrow a large sum of money from him.

This Tuesday, September 20, once again, Cyril Hanouna does not spare himself to recall the past of Benjamin Castaldi. A revelation that shocks the audience.

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When he was at the height of his career, Benjamin Castaldi was living the good life. He even said he took the helicopter home at night. A trip that cost him more than 4000 euros. Of course, that was nothing compared to his bonuses of 5000 euros per week.

Of course, for his defense , he did not hesitate to explain that he was at that time in the process of a divorce. And he had to be home early at night to rock his beloved son. And he even added that the pilot had to stay at home to be able to leave early the next day. It was necessary.

Why so much humiliation?

Cyril Hanouna, as we know, does not hesitate to criticize his colleagues. And besides, as we are used to seeing on his set, people tell each other the truth. In the case of Benjamin Castaldi, we can say that it is not won yet.

Cyril Hanouna deliberately exposes to the public that if the situation financial by Benjamin Castaldi is currently like this, there must be a reason. Too capricious, he spent his bonuses to return by helicopter.

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At this point, the conductor of Do not touch My TV , begins to slander seriously the attitude of his colleague. And there are no dead hands!

Now in a financial dead end, the husband of Aurore Aleman does not seem to regret his experiences too much. And seeks a way out of its financial crises.

Benjamin Castaldi: Capricious to the point of ruining himself!

When Benjamin Castaldi was still at the top, he took advantage of his gain. Furthermore, the voyage by helicopter to return in the evening. We can say that his whims did not stop there.

He also clarified that one of the main reasons for his bankruptcy was his divorces. Note that his number of divorces greatly exceeds three.

Being now wide awake from his whims of the past, Benjamin Castaldi realizes his losses. It turns out that the reimbursement of his debts will be very hard. He confided that: “I will be in default. You can't shear an egg, so the money, when there's more, there's more... I have a deadline that I won't be able to honor since I had a friend who had offered me a deposit that he didn't make me. »