Benjamin Castaldi: 'I bought that for 2.2 million' he balances on his overpriced purchases

modified: 2023-01-08 01:14:02

Recently, Benjamin Castaldi was able to address the subject of his finances on the program Touche pas à mon poste.

  Benjamin Castaldi: 'I'avais acheté ça 2,2 millions" il balance sur ses achats hors de prix

This Thursday, January 5, Benjamin Castaldi was able to address a delicate subject . In effect, the columnist been having money problems for some time. And he was able to address this subject on the Touche set, not at my post. In particular, he was able to talk about his expansive and rather unusual expenses when he still had a full bank account. . We'll explaine everything here.

Thursday's show, strong in revelations

This Thursday, January 5, the show Do not touch My TV may have been emotionally charged. Indeed, if on the set we found Benjamin Castaldi, there was also Samy Naceri. The latter remained the main actor in the Taxi films. The latter, who had therefore very quickly known glory, confessed to having had a descent into hell after the success of the films, it did not seem easy .

And if the actor was able to talk about his return to real life more than 25 years after the success of the films. He seems to be still impacted by this, moreover, he could not finish his sentence on how he felt after his success. He had also confided to Brut that he had not really managed his notoriety well. “ Me, in any case, I managed badly. (…) It's a machine that starts . So, you have doors that were closed and are starting to open ”. But he also adds “ Afterwards, it's true that you have to be well surrounded . But I had a little trouble listening. And the first people you have to listen to are your family and my big brothers. After you're all fired up, you take everything, you want to live fast ”.

The crazy purchases of Benjamin Castaldi

But with the theme of knowing how to manage success, Benjamin Castaldi was able to talk about the time when his bank account remained well filled. He confided that at that time, he was making a lot of purchases, as expensive as they were crazy. He does not hide, moreover, having made rather stupid purchases. Like that time he could buy a ruined castle . Benjamin Castaldi even explained that “I had bought a castle, in reality, it was a pile of stones. I still have it by the way, there are still a pile of stones, it's worth a euro I think ”.

What the host asked Benjamin Castaldi “Have you been to see the castle?”. And to this question, a rather crazy response from the columnist “ No, I bought it on photo! I paid for work that we never did and finally, the castle has fallen into ruins . There is a big dry rot […] a big mushroom in the wall, it eats your house”.

A distant past

But this time when Benjamin Castaldi did not know what to do with his money is well over. From now on, he seems to have to manage big financial worries. It must be said that before, he remained the famous host of many shows, like Secret Story which worked wonderfully. He had also entrusted that he would never want to animate it again even if it came up .

But after recounting the purchase of this castle, Benjamin Castaldi made a new revelation about another purchase. He confessed that “ I had bought offices in Paris […] I had bought that for 2.2 million . The offices were transformed without my knowing it into a hotel residence, it was not worth a lot of money and the guy who sold it to me, I was going to see him to say to him: ‘ Now you're gonna give me my money back ‘. We reached an agreement and the guy killed himself on the highway the next day ”. This did not fail to create amazement among his colleagues.

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