Benjamin Castaldi: 'I no longer have a credit card' the columnist talks about his money problems

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Benjamin Castaldi said he could not afford to invite his wife to dinner on Valentine's Day. The details.

  Benjamin Castaldi: 'I don't'ai plus de carte de crédit" le chroniqueur évoque ses problèmes d’argent

Benjamin Castaldi had a great period of opulence . He was a spendthrift and multiplied investments. But today, the wheel has turned . He is in terrible financial difficulty. He has so much debt that it was no longer even possible for him to invite Aurore Aleman, his spouse, to the restaurant. The day after Valentine's Day, he made other more shocking secrets about his finances . We tell you more in this article.

Benjamin Castaldi: it was his wife who paid the bill

This Wednesday, February 15, on the plateau of Touche not at my post, the subject fell on Valentine's Day . The columnists confided what they did the day before with their darling. That day, Benjamin Castaldi said he went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner with his wife , German Aurore.

However, it is well known to all that the latter has serious financial problems . His response greatly surprised Gilles Pour.

“But how did you manage to pay? asked his colleague.

The subject revealed:

'So, you know what? My wife invited me. Because, you know, I don't have a credit card anymore…”

The can no longer afford to spoil his partner as he would like.

“I have a cartridge. My credit card, frankly, when I was 20, I had a card like that, and I said to myself: 'Never again will I have one!' I can’t even spend…nothing,” he continued.

A situation that the father of Simon Castaldi never thought possible , a few years earlier.

Benjamin Castaldi is in a delicate financial situation

Benjamin Castaldi's answer appalled other columnists de TPMP.

“Is it a debit card? “asked Géraldine Maillet to find out more about the almost useless card that the latter mentioned.

The situation is difficult for Benjamin Castaldi who was once a big spender .

' Not even ! It's only to pay for small things... It's limited to 50 euros I think. With 50 euros you make yourself a big macdo, that's all…”, he replied.

The former presenter de Secret Story never concealed his financial problems . He still has to repay nearly 2.5 million euros.

'It's dead, I will be at the end of my financial life in two weeks,' he said on the TPMP set.

However, this colossal amount already accounts for half of the debt that he must pay in all.

' It's not serious. It will be cessation of payment. Money when there is more, there is more. I have a deadline that I will not be able to honor because I have a friend who offered me a deposit that he did not give me. I will manage day to day. I don't know what I'm going to do, it's going to be complicated, ”he added.

Why is he in so much debt today?

In an issue of TPMP broadcast in February 2022, Benjamin Castaldi explained how it started .

“There was a time when the bankers let you go down, down, down… And me, he really let me go down very, very low. It contributed to my downfall, up to 2.8 million euros in overdraft (..) They had taken my apartment as collateral… One day, they told me, now you have to repay, and we will take you your apartment,” he said.

Then on January 5, 2023, this one said he made very bad investments . While he was thinking of investing in a castle, he just got a 'pile of stones' .

'I still have it by the way, there's a pile of stones left, it's worth a euro I think,' he explained.

More that's not all . Another drama also contributed .

“I had bought offices in Paris (…) I had bought that for 2.2 million. The offices were transformed without my knowing it into a hotel residence, it was not worth a lot of money. And the guy who sold me this, I was going to see him to say to him: 'Now you are going to give me back my dough. We had reached an agreement and the guy killed himself on the highway the next day. »

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