Benoît Dubois: his secrets about the rumors of his couple with Matthieu Delormeau

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For almost 10 years now, Benoît Dubois' path has crossed that of Matthieu Delormeau and since then a beautiful friendship has been born.

  Benoît Dubois: his secrets about the rumors of his couple with Matthieu Delormeau

For almost 12 years now, the public has been able to meet the character of Benoît Dubois. The latter therefore participated in Secret Story and didn't take long to get noticed for his personality . Indeed, it must be said that the young man does not remain shy and has a rather extravagant personality. But quickly after his passage in Secret Story, he was quickly able to meet Matthieu Delormeau , the one with whom the agreement was not won in advance. We'll explaine everything here.

Benoît Dubois, his debut in Secret Story

Thus, 12 years ago, the young Benoît Dubois participated for the first time in a television program. It was about the reality game show Secret Story. There, the young man quickly made people talk about him for her personality and her very extreme and diva side . There, he was able to meet other names in television. Like Amélie Neten and even Senna Hounhanou. And quickly, Benoît Dubois won a place of darling both with candidates and viewers who are fans of the program.

We remember Benoît Dubois from Secret Story, especially for his duet with Thomas Vitiello. Thomas said about him for a documentary on the 15 years of Secret Story that “ We had this mission, and I realized that in fact, I had a lot of hooks with him. This is where the duo was born. We started laughing together, making fun of people who took themselves too seriously in the House ”.

new friendships

Unfortunately, despite the chemistry that seemed to exist between Benoît Dubois and Thomas, the friendship finally ended. But a friend he met after his participation in Secret Story, it remains Matthieu Delormeau, so much so that some even saw them as a couple. However, at the beginning of their meeting, the friendship did not really seem to have been won between them. . Matthieu Delormeau seemed to have trouble with the personality of the young man. With Public, Benoît Dubois also confided that “ I embodied everything he hated: the tall crazy blonde hysterical! But he became a friend, he advised me a lot ”.

Thus, this beautiful relationship that was able to be born between Benoît Dubois and the host of Mag on NRJ 12. They probably never appeared as a couple. In question, the age difference of 15 years between them. Matthieu Delormeau even admitted that “ We still have a fifteen-year age difference, he and I, we don't have the same expectations at all. Me it's marriage, children ... very classic. Not him at all! To put myself with him would be to make me suffer, because he cannot give me what I expect ” from Public.

Moreover, if Matthieu Delormeau and Benoît Dubois have therefore denied the rumors of their relationship. The columnist admitted to having someone. Indeed, the latter seems to start a love story. “ He's a general practitioner, and this time, I feel like he's the right one […] He flirted with me in a club, he told me that I was very handsome. He didn't know me and that's cool ”.

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