Bigg Boss 14: Feb 6 Written Update: Salman schools Rakhi, Rubina, Arshi; Introduces connections of housemates

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 will witness Salman Khan revealing his frustration about entrants utilizing nasty language in your home and disrespecting each other on nationwide tv. Keep reading to understand what all occurred on Bigg Boss 14 on February 6, 2021.

Tonight is going to be among the most intriguing Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Bigg Boss 14 as host Salman Khan will be seen barbecuing the entrants on the program. The super star is magnificent miffed with the housemates for their behaviour throughout the week and schools all the entrants for their frustrating behaviour. The Dabangg star took Arshi Khan, Rubina and Rakhi on radar and screamed at them for their option of words on nationwide tv. Without additional ado, let” s understand in information what all occurred in the Bigg Boss 14 home on February 6, 2021.

10:30 PM: Salman even blasts the entrants for evaluating others on the basis of the brand name. He even took Arshi on radar and informed her that she had actually been available in the citizen season and she need to value the regard she has actually been getting. The housemates are stunned to see Salman’s anger are seen discussing what occurred. On the other hand, the connections believe that Salman’s anger was warranted as the entrants reviewed the board this time.

10:10 PM: Next on Salman’s radar is Rubina for declaring that the makers have actually been motivating Rakhi’s behaviour. Salman takes a jibe at everybody that they have not asked anybody to act the method are performing in your home. Rather, it is their mind who is doing it.

09:56 PM: Salman connects with entrants and talks about the matter of material of the program. He states that the program has to do with drawing out the genuine characters of the entrants and reveal their genuine feelings. If it was their genuine feelings or simply done for material, he then quizzes every entrant about their occurrences in the home. Later on, Salman knocks housemates for targeting Rakhi and Devoleena for their breakdown and calling it as material for the program. If she discovered Rakhi fabricating about her marital relationship, Salman asks Rahul. The Indian Idol vocalist mentioned that it was all real. Later on, Salman applauds Rahul for being and supporting every entrant kind to everybody in your home.

09:48 PM: Salman now presents the advocates of the entrants in your home. Jasmin came for Aly, Rahul came for Abhinav, Jaan came for Nikki, Toshi for Rahul, Jyotika came for Rubin, Vindu will be supporting Rakhi, Farhan concerned support her sis Arshi and Paras came for Devoleena. If the entrants take choices simply for material and quizzed about her altered formula with Rubina, Salman asks Jasmin.

09:43 PM: Salman states since of Rakhi he has actually been implicated of being prejudiced. Rakhi apologises for her behaviour once again. Later on, Devoleena and Rahul attempt to discuss Rakhi about where she can alter her behaviour and how she can remain calm in your home. Rakhi believes that this programs is rather crucial to her and she will repair her methods.

09:34 PM: Salman begins his barbecuing session and the very first on his radar is Rakhi. He knocks her for utilizing offending language inside the BB home. While Rakhi attempts protecting herself, however the super star isn’t in the state of mind to listen. He describes to her where she failed and the star looked noticeably disturbed with Rakhi. Salman discussed that while he did support her, he has actually been noticeably dissatisfied by her current behaviour in your home. Salman asks Rakhi that if she can not remain in her limitations, she needs to leave your home and unlocks of the theatre space. Rakhi apologies for her behaviour and ensures that she will not duplicate the error.

09:16 PM: While Disha and Randeep connects with the entrants, the Highway star applauds Arshi for her command over Urdu. Later on Harsh Rajput goes into the BB home as he offers a look of his function from Naagin spin-off Kuch Toh Hai. He even goes on a romantic date with Rakhi Sawant aka Julie and later on he asks her viewpoint about the entrants in your home.

09:00 PM: Salman Khan grooves to the tunes of his tune Slow Motion with Disha Patani and the woman was seen sharing her experience of dealing with the super star in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. Later on Salman invites Randeep Hooda on the phase who exposes that Radhe will be launching on Eid this year. The super star likewise offers Disha a secret trip of Bigg Boss home.

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