Bigg Boss 14: February 5 Written Update: Devoleena breaks down, Rakhi enters a tiff with Nikki

The newest episode of Bigg Boss 14 experienced some significant battles in the family. The most recent one includes Rakhi and Nikki.

10.00 am: The housemates get up and dance to the tunes of an alert number.

11.00 am: Rakhi speak with Rahul and Aly about family responsibilities. Devoleena gets into an argument with Arshi and Rubina over the responsibility concerning utensils. Nikki declares that she is doing whatever for the video camera. Rakhi goes and notifies Devo about the exact same. Arshi calls out names and they respond to her in the exact same method. She likewise takes a jibe at Rubina in between post which the latter reiterates that she is doing it for the video camera.

12.30 pm: Rakhi and Devoleena’s battle with Arshi and Abhinav continues.

1.00 pm: Rubina asks Devoleena and Rakhi the factor behind not cleaning utensils. They inform her that it is she who asked not to do the responsibility. Rubina then specifies that it was throughout the job which the duo rejects. Abhinav informs Rubina that she is looking like a fool here. When Rahul reprimands Devoleena about the exact same, she states that she desires a sorry from Rubina for whatever she stated the earlier time. She does so hilariously post which Devoleena and Rakhi easily get up.

1.30 pm: Arshi asks Rahul why she should have to get scolded. The latter offers a factor behind the exact same therefore does Devoleena. She attempts clearing things out with Rahul.

2.15 pm: Devoleena speak with Nikki about whatever Arshi informed her and Rahul the earlier day. She discusses how the latter wished somebody’s nearer one to be dead. Abhinav talks to Rubina about Devoleena and Rakhi. He informs her about the discussion in between the duo that he overheard.

3.45 pm: Devoleena breaks down and Rakhi attempts consoling her. She discusses how Arshi cursed about the death of her enjoyed ones. The starlet asks Bigg Boss to call her to the confession space. She breaks down the utensils in front of Arshi. Aly and Nikki ask her what occurred and she communicates the exact same to them. She charges at Arshi however Abhinav and others attempt to stop her. Rubina states that she is apparently producing a commotion after practically 3 hours.

Nikki, Aly, Rakhi, and others attempt consoling Devoleena. Later, she enters an argument with Rubina over the exact same. Arshi attempts clearing her position however Devoleena unexpectedly puts food inside her mouth. Arshi breaks down and Rubina attempts consoling her.

4.00 pm: Devoleena and Arshi’s battle continues while the others attempt to relax them down. While the others attempt cleaning up things up, Devoleena breaks down in the restroom location. She squeals there leaving Rakhi, Nikki, and others stunned. She discusses her animal canine Angel and states that the latter is weak.

4.15 pm: Devoleena is notified that Angel is doing fine. She breaks down once again and specifies that she is unable to deal with the scenario. She is reprimanded for doing self-harm. The starlet is advised of her back injury and asked to be mindful about the exact same. Rahul encourages Arshi not to poke others. She rejects doing so post which he states that she did the exact same thing with him. Arshi breaks down and states that she never ever stated such things. On the other hand, Rahul returns her Sheru.

4.30 pm: Devoleena breaks down in front of Rakhi while the latter attempts consoling her. On the other hand, Rubina specifies that whatever Devo did was currently prepared. She likewise states that she feels Devoleena may wish to entrust the cash. Rahul and Aly talk about how Rubina went incorrect.

7.15 pm: Bigg Boss calls out Devoleena for powerfully putting food into Arshi’s mouth. She is chosen for the whole season as a penalty. If he ever returns to the program, the exact same thing uses to Eijaz.

8.15 pm: Arshi asks Rakhi when the food will prepare yourself post which an indirect battle takes place in between them. The latter takes a jibe at Nikki. This causes an unsightly battle in between both of them.

9.00 pm: Nikki requests for her hairbands, makeup, and fragrance from Rakhi. The latter requests for her golden eye shadow and states that she will return whatever. Rubina offers her a brand name brand-new makeup set and asks her to provide it to Rakhi. When the latter declines to return, Nikki goes and takes the important things on her own. She then offers the brand-new scheme provided by Rubina to her. Rakhi abhors the exact same and then tosses it away. Rahul challenges her over the exact same and enters a battle with her. Rakhi calls the brand name revolting and knocks Nikki. Rubina snaps and asks her stylist on video camera for sending out the stated brand name for Rakhi.

9.45 pm: Devoleena breaks down and talks with Rakhi. The latter likewise breaks down. When her scheme returns, she then specifies that she will return the fragrance just. Rakhi requires with Devoleena’s demand and states that she will return whatever. She then specifies that her mama is hospitalized which her sibling runs out town.

10.45 pm: Rahul concerns Nikki about discarding her products. She validates the exact same and post that they have a discussion about Rakhi.

11.00 pm: Rakhi look for the products in the dustbin however is not able to discover the exact same. Nikki then specifies that she would certainly take it out. They are stunned to discover that it’s not there any longer. If she has actually altered the dustbin bag to which she responds in the affirmative, she asks Devoleena. Devoleena, Aly, and Rahul attempt assisting her out.

11.30 pm: On Rakhi’s demand, Rahul requests for an eyelash glue from Disha through the video camera. Arshi notifies and goes Abhinav, Nikki, and others about the exact same.

12.30 am: Aly, Abhinav, and Nikki discuss whatever occurred in between her and Rakhi.

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