Bigg Boss 14: February 7 Written Update: Arshi Khan gets forced out; Rubina gets psychological & discuss previous

Salman Khan separately speaks to each and every housemate and attempts to fix their problems prior to revealing the name of the participant who has actually been forced out. Continue reading to understand more.

The episode starts with the re-entry of Salman Khan on phase. He begins and welcomes the audience by going over the previous episode. The host likewise mentions that he is still not in an excellent state of mind. He speaks about how he has actually been hosting a lot of seasons of the program and the feedback that he obtains from others over the exact same. Since of which the entrants lose their mood, Salman likewise includes that the program is hard.

He speaks about how things crossed the line ahead of Weekend Ka Vaar. The host likewise includes that the entrants do not attend to his suggestions after he leaves. He likewise explains what incorrect did they perform in the previous week. Salman gets in your house once again through MeTV. He asks the entrants whether the important things he stated in the previous episode were best to which they respond in the affirmative. If she has actually got any deals or brand name recommendations to which she responds in the unfavorable, he then asks Rakhi.

The host then encourages her to have fun with self-respect and regard. She guarantees not to utilize any nasty language in the future. He then faces Devoleena over her breakdown. Salman clarifies that Arshi did not utilize the sort of sentence that she is discussing. Devoleena attempts providing explanation and states that Arshi pokes others by stating ‘You deserve this’ sometimes. When Rubina spilled water on Rakhi, Salman concurs to this while providing the example of the circumstances.

The host transfers to Rubina and Abhinav after the exact same. He then asks Abhinav the significance of ‘tharki.’ Salman informs him that the word is not that bad to which the star accepts it. He then inquires about the important things which he and Rubina stated to Rakhi like ‘neech,’ ‘gandi,’ and ‘jaleel’ aurat. Abhinav concurs that these words stated by Rubina are far even worse than ‘tharki.’ He questions Arshi over a comparable context. If she is going right in the program to which she concurs with, Salman then asks Rubina.

He attempts to offer her comfort over the exact same. The host encourages her to listen to others prior to putting out her point. He then schools everybody over their behaviour in your house. The star likewise reprimands them over discussing the imaginative group behind the electronic camera. Salman faces Rubina over discussing Rakhi’s bank balance. He speaks about how the competitors from previous seasons assisted each other out with makeup, clothing, and so on

He likewise informs her not to utilize Kavita’s name which she utilized on the day of tossing water at Rakhi. Abhinav is inquired about what he described to Rubina throughout the share bazaar job. He states that he asked her not to be under the impact of Nikki and Arshi. Salman then informs them precisely what Abhinav stated that day. He then attempts clarifying the exact same while Nikki declares that he is lying. If Arshi sparks a fire in circumstances to which he concurs with, the host asks Rahul.

He faces Rubina over declaring that whatever Devoleena and Rakhi did was for material. She responds by mentioning that Devoleena responded after 3 hours over the exact same. The connections of the entrants have a conversation about whatever took place. On the other hand, Nikki attempts clarifying things with Rubina. She likewise faces Abhinav over whatever he stated previously. He then attempts discussing things to Nikki. He takes Rubina aside and speaks to her about the exact same. He informs her that she has actually stopped listening which is the issue with everybody in your house.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan then speaks to the connections of the housemates. If whatever he is seeing presently in Bigg Boss 14 is home entertainment to which he disagrees with it, he asked Vindu. If whatever he stated about the previous is right, the host then asks Rubina’s sibling Jyotika. He then speaks about how Rubina requested for aid previously which he enjoys Jyotika is going into your house. The latter breaks down and mentions how they get psychological upon seeing her inside the program.

Salman then asks whether Rubina will listen to her to which she responds in the affirmative. He then speaks to Rahul Mahajan and Jasmin Bhasin about the exact same. When Rakhi approached him previously for using the saree, the latter then states that Abhinav and Rubina are clever and smart individuals and that they ought to have drawn a line. Salman concurs with her in this regard. He then informs them that will send their concerns to the housemates. He, nevertheless, informs the housemates that a couple of fans have actually inquired some concerns. Abhinav is asked why he took a lot time to come to the spotlight. He states that he didn’t view Bigg Boss episodes earlier which he understood just about the format. He includes how Rubina assisted him ultimately which he performed what he calls enduring abilities.

Rubina is asked the factor behind being opinionative and opposing. She then mentions that she was rather aggressive around 7-8 years back. The starlet then mentions that she had problems with her member of the family, psychologically damaged, and had self-destructive problems. She likewise speaks about how it impacted her relationship ultimately which led her to take yoga classes and other sessions. Salman then states that he hopes this lesson alters her life. When she didn’t even understand what curse Arshi cast on Devoleena,

Rubina is then asked how she responded. The starlet provides an explanation of the exact same. Salman then mentions what Arshi precisely stated that day. Abhinav is asked the concern which Jasmin informed Salman previously. When he stopped favouring her in the middle of jobs, he attempts discussing the exact same and states that it is Rakhi who turned on him. The host declines to listen to him and states that whatever took place in an entirely various context.

Salman then wants all the best to the connections prior to they get in your house. Later, Jasmin gets in the phase and provides an excellent efficiency. He then gets in the BB home once again through MeTV. The majority of them state that it is Devoleena who will be forced out as Eijaz is not there. Salman then notifies that it is Arshi Khan who has actually got the least variety of votes which she has actually been forced out from the program. He likewise notifies that everybody in your house is chosen for the next week. Arshi then bids farewell to everybody while Aly gets psychological.

Later on, Rakhi and Devoleena have a conversation about Abhinav and Rubina. The latter states that Rubina has an issue with everybody. On the other hand, Abhinav asks Rubina to stop him sometimes when she feels he is failing. Rakhi asks Devoleena to assist her resolve things with Abhinav. Rubina faces Abhinav over the reality that he points out Jasmin’s name many of the time. He then schools her for not listening prior to putting out her viewpoint. Also Read:


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