Bigg Boss Kannada 8 May 2 Highlights: No Elimination Takes Place This Week; Priyanka Named As Worst Performer

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The May 2 episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 starts with Bigg Boss offering an intriguing penalty for Nidhi Subbaiah for breaking a glass just recently. If she requires to consume water, bb sends out in a small tumbler and offers Nidhi a set of tunes she requires to sing for her prisoners.

This is followed by Kanmani, the electronic camera connecting with the housemates. She attempts clearing the problems that occurred in this week’s captaincy competitor job. Kanmani discusses in information whilst making everybody comprehend their imperfections in the offered activity. When it comes to Manju Pavagad, she offers a shout out to Prashanth Sambargi however likewise makes him comprehend that he is additional hard.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

Kanmani’s talk results in a great deal of conversation in your home. Prashanth and Priyanka Thimmesh feel confirmed after the talk while Nidhi is seen singing the tune in front of Raghu Gowda and other entrants.

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Soon, Bigg Boss asks everybody to collect in the living location for today’s removal procedure. BB quickly surprises everybody by revealing that there will not be any removal today. He then includes that the very same entrants will stay chosen for next week’s expulsion. Given that Chakravarthy Chandrachud has actually ended up being the brand-new captain of the home, Bigg Boss excuses him from the election list. In the end, the entrants who stay chosen from the coming week’s removal are Manju, Prashanth, Aravind KP, Divya Suresh and Priyanka.

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Later, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose today’s finest and worst entertainers. A lot of housemates wind up taking Priyanka’s name for the worst entertainer’s tag and is sent out to prison while Shamanth Gowda gets called as the very best entertainer. At the end of the procedure, Prashanth enters an argument with Aravind over the factors he specified in the job. This ultimately likewise results in another spoken spat in between Prashanth and Manju.

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