Billy Crawford: here's why he couldn't seduce his wife Coleen Garcia!

modified: 2022-09-19 01:01:01

During an interview that Billy Crawford gave to the magazine Public, the singer confessed that he encountered certain difficulties to conquer his wife!

  Billy Crawford

On Friday, September 16, 2022, Billy Crawford gave an unpublished interview to our colleagues from the magazine Public. The opportunity for viewers to find out what happened to him during these long months of absence ! During this interview, the singer confided in his meeting with his current wife, Coleen Garcia . And from what he said, the man would have had a hard time wooing her! The details are in this article!

Billy Crawford, still so popular!

Billy Crawford is certainly no longer to present! It's about famous singer Who to your charmer a whole generation with its new title which he titled 'Trackin'.

As a reminder, this song was made at the dawn of the 2000s. And very quickly, this piece became one of the most popular hits . This one did not fail to capsize the hearts of the French!

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But in recent years, we can say that Billy Crawford has withdrawn a little from the monde musical ! Proof of this is that the man did not come out of new songs lately.

Nevertheless, the television viewers can feel relieved because the man has done his best return on the screen. And for this time, it is not as a singer that the fans can benefit from its appearance!

The singer joins the cast of Dances With The Stars!

Indeed, Billy Crawford is now part of the distribution official of the famous show Dancing With The Stars . In this program, the man sees himself as the partner of Fauve Hautot.

The latter, which, for its part, is moreover a dedicated candidate and talented which did not fail to attract public attention . And this, from the first performance she had offered!

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Nevertheless, this new routine seems to be tiring for Billy Crawford. Or at least the workouts the 40-year-old singer goes through are pretty extremes . The 40-year-old recently opened up about his workout routine. coaching particularly trying.

'I'm broken, I hurt everywhere! “, he explained with humour. Dancer experienced in hip-hop for more than twenty years, we can however see that the spouse of Coleen Garcia has been able to keep the sense of rhythm !

Billy Crawford: 'For a year I asked her out'!

Billy Crawford then reveals the rather surprising beginnings of his relationship with Coleen in an interview he gave to Public. Last Friday September 16 was a date in which the man was seen doing great confidences .

Apparently they were both as a couple when both lovebirds they met. But it seems that didn't stop the man from trying his luck. Having had A real thunderbolt , so he set out to conquer the pretty Coleen!

“For a year, I asked her out on a date. I even told him. I love you and she said, 'Good for you,' he said! However, Billy Crawford never gave up and continued to woo her more.

And we can also say that ses efforts have ultimately bore fruit. 'We ended up getting together and after four years I proposed to her,' he proudly said!