Bonuses, energy checks... here are all the aids you may be entitled to!

modified: 2022-09-18 12:01:01

In recent times, the state has announced numerous bonuses to support purchasing power. We take stock.


Since the beginning of 2022, prices have gone up a lot , in many sectors. At the gas pump or at the supermarket, the French find that their expenses have skyrocketed. Also, daily life becomes more difficult than before. For the to help to face, the The government now offers several aids or bonuses . We explain what to expect.

The payment of exceptional back-to-school bonuses

Attention ! Do not confuse this measure new with back-to-school allowances , paid in August. However, like other social benefits, the re-entry bonus remains paid by the CAF . Thus, since September 15, the most precarious households have been able to receive these bonuses exceptional . Set at 100 euros per household, this aid can reach an additional 50 euros for each dependent child.

Initially, these premiums relate to homes recipients of social minima (RSA, AAH…). It should also be considered that it is addressed to recipients of housing allowances and scholarship students . For the latter, if they do not receive any allowance, the premiums will be paid by the CROUS.

In a second time, exceptional bonuses will target all households benefiting from the activity bonus. However, we will still have to wait until November to perceive this help. Remember also that these are people whose the monthly income remains between 1,028.96 euros and 1,885 euros . Obviously, the CAF gives these figures as an indication, for a single person, without dependent children. Thereby, the amount of activity bonuses vary according to the composition of the household.

Finally, it should also be noted that the activity bonuses have risen 4% since August. This revaluation is not the only one, since pensions have also been increased.

The State supports citizens in renovating their homes

Inflation also affects gas and electricity and risks impacting our bills this winter. Also, the government has launched MaPrimeRenov to to help the French to reduce their consumption. These are premiums for to finance works insulation, heating or ventilation.

These bonuses have existed since 2020. They allow citizens to put their homes upgraded to meet new environmental standards. Indeed, by having a better insulated house, we tend to consume less heating .

In addition, these bonuses make it possible to opt for less expensive and more durable . Their amounts can vary according to the situation of each one. To get to the bottom of it, you can use the tool Help together . Behind this simulator, we find Action France Habitat .

If you still have doubts, also know that the CAF offers a simulator to estimate the aid to which you are entitled . To do this, you will need to enter your income and household composition. As inflation rages, you can also rely on companies to lend you a hand. Also, they will not pay you bonuses. However, you can benefit from supermarket discounts . In addition, the tanker Total is currently offering a significant discount on fuel.