Boss incognito: the identity of the boss in immersion this Monday on M6 revealed

modified: 2023-01-16 20:07:03

M6 is broadcasting an unpublished number of the program 'Patron incognito' this Monday, January 16, 2023. Who will be the boss in immersion? We reveal it to you.

  Unknown Patron: l'identité du patron en immersion ce lundi sur M6 dévoilée

This Monday at 9:05 p.m., 'Patron incognito' returns to the M6 ​​screen with a new episode . The documentary will follow the immersion of a man at the head of one of the leaders in home delivery in his own business. All the details in this article.

Le concept de l'émission « Patron incognito »

The first episode of 'Incognito Boss' was broadcast on M6 on June 7, 2012 . The concept is very simple. The time of a documentary, a business leader disguises himself as an unemployed person looking for a job for reintegration.

Thus, followed by a cameraman, the boss, who changes with each episode, do short internships . To accompany him, he can count on one employee per job category . Suffice to say that the presence of a camera can skew the experience.

At the end of 'Incognito Boss', the employees who accompanied the 'trainee' will receive feedback . And it is the boss himself who takes care of the list of negative points and especially positive points throughout the insertion.

The show's main objective is to improve overall business performance . In particular by experimentally testing the quality management process and guidelines. In order to improve the shortcomings. Therefore, the initiative can only come from company executives .

As for the second objective, you have certainly seen it coming, This is a publicity stunt for the company . Indeed, since its launch in 2012, 'Patron incognito' often achieves audience successes with up to 3.8 million viewers.

In addition to benefiting from low-cost advertising, to be on TV at its best improves the image of the company. Recently a new boss played the game and agreed to infiltrate his own company .

The new patron of « Patron incognito »

« Patron incognito » is back with a new episode . On January 16, 2023, the patron of the evening will be Frédéric Murat. Like many before him, the entrepreneur will infiltrate his own box , pretending to be unemployed. He will then spend several days in immersion .

“Patron Incognito takes you behind the scenes of the leader in home delivery with its 600 bicycles, cargo bikes, scooters, scooters and vans. It was in 1997 that Frédéric Murat and Jérôme Clastre, two childhood friends who were passionate about cycling and couriers to pay for their studies, decided to set up their delivery company”, announces M6 on its social networks of “Patron incognito”.

Chain continues his story by adding :

'25 years later, the company has taken over the streets of the capital and major cities of France with more than 80 couriers spread across the country who make 20,000 deliveries every day and more than 50,000 kilometers... Their credo: ecology and 'innovation. They claim a 95% electric fleet and are on the lookout for the next trend or revolution that can keep them at the top of profitability or quality of service, like the in-house app used by couriers or the latest model of scooter that they had custom built »

How do company employees will they welcome their boss in disguise ? In any case, this episode of 'Patron incognito' promises to be entertaining!

An infiltration in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon

On January 16, 2023 from 9:05 p.m., viewers will be able to follow the immersion of Frédéric Murat in his business. of boss, he will become a simple trainee for several days.

Pour l’occasion, the production of « Patron incognito » has “rejuvenated it by a few years” . And to make sure no one notices, he was also 'trimmed with a beautiful mustache' .

“He becomes Stéphane, future manager of a delivery site in training. The boss will infiltrate incognito three of his largest warehouses in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon on the eve of the peak of Christmas activity. Are its various sites ready for the holidays and, in the longer term, are they ready for the overall growth forecast by the head office? “, announced the channel.

According to the words of M6, viewers will be entitled to a cult sequence during this new episode of 'Patron incognito' broadcast this Monday, January 16, 2023.

Source : Telestar