Brigitte Macron embarrassed in the 12 noon shots after a question about her relationship

modified: 2023-01-17 12:36:02

So opinion seems more divided than ever, Brigitte Macron skims the TV sets. We were able to see it in the 12 strokes of noon.

  Brigitte Macron embarrassed in the 12 noon shots after a question about her relationship

The charm operation of the first lady lasts for several days. While the government is arousing strong protest with the pension reform, Brigitte Macron multiplies the appearances in the media . Thus, this Monday, January 16, the public of TF1 was able to see it in a special issue of 12 noon shots. I have to say that the President’s wife is currently leading the new Yellow Pieces operation . This campaign in favor of the association began on January 11 and will end on February 28. In front of Jean-Luc Reichmann , Brigitte Macron, however, revealed some details about his life as a couple with the one who runs the country .

Brigitte Macron: the other face of the Élysée

The president and his wife form a couple uni , and has been for years. This former teacher has always supported her husband, in the campaign as during his mandates . However, in recent times, the President has been subjected to numerous attacks, because of the political decisions that he wears. A situation that Brigitte Macron overcomes somehow, according to his interview with Gilles Bouleau . “I hear the criticisms, I understand them. The only thing I don't understand is meanness, violence and lies. »

Very close to Emmanuel Macron , the First lady does not wish to interfere in the choices of her husband . She is content to discuss certain subjects with him, in all honesty. I am a go-between, I pass messages to him. Without filter (I'm not used to filters). I will never allow myself to say 'be careful, do this, do that'. But I pass it on to him. »

The First Lady questioned about her relationship

Coming to represent the Yellow Pieces operation, Brigitte Macron took part in the game the 12 strokes of noon . The goal? Ensure that the correct answers given during masterstrokes give rise to donations of 5,000 euros for hospitals . A nice gesture that will last until January 25, 2023. But when of his time on the show , the wife of the President also agreed to answer questions from the public .

Next to Jean-Luc Reichmann , Brigitte Macron was however somewhat troubled. Indeed, a little boy named Maxime spoke. And here is the question which he asked. 'Do you have time to do romantic things with Emmanuel? » Feeling that it was a sensitive subject, the presenter of 12 noon shots immediately apologized. ' It's the kids, I'm sorry. »

However, Brigitte Macron ended up giving an answer honest to this child. “We have rituals from time to time. We go to the restaurant, we walk home, we walk a lot. Not always by day, sometimes by night, sometimes with a beanie. We go to the theatre, to the cinema, we try a little. I'm married to someone who works all the time. The problem is trying to get him to close his files. »

Quite moving confidences , when we know that Emmanuel Macron has had to face many crises since 2017. Demonstrations, health crisis, inflation… The daily newspaper of the President of the Republic doesn't seem to give him a minute's respite.

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