Britney Spears Has No ‘Grudge’ Against Justin Timberlake Amid His Framing Britney Spears Documentary Backlash

Following the release of The New York Time‘s documentary Framing Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake dealt with a lots of reaction on social networks over his previous treatment of Britney Spears The pop feeling is supposedly cool with the 40-year-old crooner.

As you might have heard, the recently-released documentary intended to check out the #FreeBritney motion and her continuous conservatorship. Fans appeared to lock onto the part of the doc that deep-dived into her relationship with the ex-


member, which lasted from 1998 to 2002. Related: Britney Spears Hits Back At Haters Who Say Her Dance Videos ‘Aren’t Perfect’ In case you didn’t understand, her credibility was seriously tainted after the duo’s significant break up, and reports of her supposed adultery broke. In the movie, NYT critic Wesley Morris recommended that Justin constantly pressed the story that she cheated on him– particularly with the video for

Cry Me a River

— so that he might utilize the wounded-ex personality to his favor. In addition, given that he would consistently discuss having s * x with her in interviews, his actions undoubtedly destroyed her rep. DAYUM! Of course, social networks users rapidly required to


to resolve this minute in the program and totally drag JT for his previous misogynistic habits. Lots of have actually even required a public apology from him. Here are simply a couple of examples of the hate he has actually gotten on the platform (listed below): [following the Super Bowl’s Nipplegate]” Justin Timberlake has actually done a great deal of sh * t that he requires to excuse, however his treatment of Britney is at the top of the list. I desire a public apology, and recommendation of the damage he’s done.”

” Never forget Justin Timberlake introduced his solo profession by tossing Britney under the bus and Janet Jackson

not long after.”

” One of the primary takeaways: Britney Spears was worthy of a lot much better, from the general public, from paparazzi, etc And I’m mad at Justin Timberlake once again, FYI!”

” the climb of justin timberlake in the wreckage of both britney spears and janet jackson is truly something we need to address for”

” Twenty-five minutes into the nyt britney doc and prepared to gradually take out each of justin timberlake’s teeth with a wrench”

” the only method i will ever understand peace is by getting a Britney/Janet halftime program. it’s the only method we can really get vengeance on Justin Timberlake.” Wow, they truly addressed him (appropriately so)! Despite whatever that took place in the past, a source exposed to United States Weekly that the Princess of Pop wants no ill-will towards the


star, stating:

” Britney has actually been on the getting end of a lot hate through the years, especially on social networks. She would never ever desire her fans to launch the hounds on Justin. Dislike isn’t going to fix anything, no matter what took place in the past.”

The expert even more included that:

” Britney does not hold an animosity versus Justin over anything he’s stated or done. When they were together, she feels that they were young and in love and both did dumb things. She was heartbroken when they separated, however it’s not something she harps on now. She’s pleased and pleased for him.”

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Wow … speak about taking the high roadway! We do not believe we might be that great to him after he consistently knocked you post-split. Great for you, Britney!(*) Okay, Perezcious readers, what did U consider the brand-new documentary? Are U similarly as PO ‘d at Justin for his misogyny? Are U amazed that Britney supposedly does not have a “animosity” versus him? Let us understand in the remarks (listed below)!(*) #Britney #Spears #Grudge #Justin #Timberlake #Framing #Britney #Spears #Documentary #Backlash