Broken mirror scams: the police launch an alert in this region

modified: 2022-12-31 01:07:02

A broken mirror scam seems to be taking place in Sète, a sad finding for the victims of the latter.

  Broken mirror scams: the police launch an alert in this region

Recently, the national police seem to alert on a new scam. The latter is spreading more and more, especially in the area of ​​the Bassin de Thau. The means used seeks to make someone take the blame for a broken mirror until they extract money from them . The elderly remain the main targets of this kind of scam which claims many victims. We'll explaine everything here.

The broken mirror scam

This scam does not seem really new. But still, she starts to do again many victims . It turns out that on December 20, three more individuals seemed to practice it. But it did not go unpunished . It turns out that these three people were arrested in Sète for victims made since June. It had therefore already been several months since they managed to defraud people of this matter.

The concept is actually quite simple. A man with a broken mirror comes close to the victim. Quite often, they choose people they consider to be old. So the scammer approaches the victim's car and throws a rock at the victim . In this way, it sounds like a collision noise between the two cars. But, the crook's rear view mirror being broken, he will accuse his victim. In this way, he forces her to park on the side .

After which the scam really takes shape. The thief will therefore simulate annoyance at the breakage caused. He will therefore call a fake insurer who will give a huge price to make the repairs. Great manipulation ensues. The thief will want to play nice with the victim. He will therefore propose that the victim pay less amicably . But, he will lead her to a vending machine so that she pays her debt. There you have it, a well-established brand that can bring in good sums of money at times .

Police advice

Thus, the police of 34 have already been able to report this kind of scam. There seem to be more and more of them. And each time, it causes victims. In recent months, more than ten complaints have been filed for this type of practice. A bitter observation for the police who can only prevent . So they want to report these violations on Twitter, especially where they were able to get the message.

Their main advice in the face of this scam is to call the police if you have any doubts. Indeed, sometimes it is better to call the police than to be unfairly scammed of such sums of money. Although three individuals have already appeared to be arrested. Others may be doing the same scam. . And if it remains very present in Sète and in the Bassin de Thau. It can also be found elsewhere in other cities in France.

It must be said that this year remains particularly difficult, and the number of scams which is only increasing does not help. Between scams on the internet, with links in SMS or emails. Or even the number of dishonest sites that collect bank details. More than ever, vigilance remains the key word.

Source : Free Midi