Burglaries: these alarming signs to spot in order to avoid them

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Burglaries always take victims by surprise. Here are the signs that could alert you.

  Burglaries: these alarming signs to spot in order to avoid them

Burglaries claim many victims every year. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, this phenomenon leaves victims without landmarks. Whether they lose valuables or simply their cocoon of peace, being robbed can become a traumatic obstacle. It is not only the material aspect that counts but also the aspect of intimacy. Have someone search the accommodation, personal belongings. The period of mental reconstruction can be long. In France, it would seem that some departments are much more affected than others. In effect, some areas have burglary rates up to five times higher than less affected areas. There are warning signs who might alert you on the potential of this phenomenon. We'll explaine everything here !

Areas most affected by burglaries

Burglaries affect many homes every year on French territory. However, it would seem that the data differs according to the regions. Indeed, some areas have higher burglary rates than others. In France, the Bouches-du-Rhône recorded the rate the highest with 11.3% . However, there are others. And this, like the Rhône, the Gironde or the Seine-Saint-Denis. These three regions also experienced high rates in 2021. And this, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior.

With regard to areas that experience fewer burglaries, we find the Creuse (2.1%) or the Channel (1.9%). Indeed, the risks seem much lower in these areas. Nevertheless, there are always risks. In effect, certain warning signs place your accommodations in the potential targets of criminals . It therefore seems important to know these signs in order to be aware of the potential risks of burglary. You can even set up strategies for changing these details . It is then necessary to know how to reduce the attractiveness of your house in the eyes of criminals.

Burglary begins with repeated observation

It is rare for burglars to choose your house by chance. Indeed, there are often warning signs that suggest that you are good targets. It is therefore necessary to know these signs in order to correct them. As a rule, the perpetrators have, for a long time, located the places and decided that the burglary would be possible. The fact of live in the city center is the first element that makes your home more attractive. Indeed, the figures observed indicate that there are higher rates of burglaries in urban areas. And this, compared to the rural areas of the territory. It should be noted that suburban residential neighborhoods are at the top of the list of the most attractive areas for these criminals. If you live there, so be more cautious and alert to the risks.

The affluent neighborhoods place you directly on the list of affected areas. And this, since the details suggest that the objects they will be able to steal will have more value. Some other details can provide information that can become harmful to you, especially in the eyes of criminals. For example, a glance at your trash cans can betray your recent purchases and make you more attractive. Whether packaging boxes for computers or televisions. Or even bottles of luxury wine. All of these things indicate that your home contains valuables. So think about that the next time you take out the trash.

Easy access makes break-ins easier

There are many other details that suggest that your home is worth robbing. The fact of keeping the open windows in summer, to ventilate the house, can encourage criminals to look inside and identify entry points. Some people even leave these windows open while they are away. Nevertheless, any easy entry can cause a malefactor to choose your house and not another . You must therefore remain vigilant on the entrances that you leave visible from the outside. Burglaries do not only take place in open houses. Thereby, you just give them more reason to try to get in .

You should know that owners of cats or dogs are at the top of the list of victims affected by burglaries. And this, since open access for your pets can become aspects facilitating burglary. Also, if you thought it only happens once, that thought needs to be addressed. Indeed, if your house has already suffered a burglary, you place yourself in a known area. When criminals know the house, they are more likely to try again. Recidivism cases turn out to be important and some households see their house being robbed several times! So take the lead before relapsing into this traumatic and destabilizing ordeal . By reviewing your bad habits, you can reduce the risk of burglaries in your home. If this possibility bothers you, consider equip yourself with a security system.

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