CAF: after having received 15,000 RSA by defrauding, this couple is at great risk

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In these times of inflation, everyone is running after CAF aid. A couple even had the idea of ​​defrauding to receive aid.

  CAF: after having received 15,000 RSA by defrauding, this couple is at great risk

Every year the government devotes billions of euros to the distribution of social benefits . However, millions of eligible individuals never claim them. This is the problem of non-recourse that the executive has wanted to elucidate for several years. After all, CAF allowances are for those who need them most , modest people. This is why the State sanctions those who would like to hijack this system. This is the case of this couple who had the idea of ​​deceiving the cash register to collect more than 15,000 euros in RSA . Because of this deception, the couple risk a lot. We take stock of the case.

They pretended to be unemployed to receive this aid from CAF

This case of January 18, 2023 from the Rennes Criminal Court, should finally deter those who want to try to deceive CAF . The case illustrates a 43- and 47-year-old couple who continued to collect RSA when he should not .

the rsa or the Active Solidarity Income is financial aid whose eligibility conditions are particularly strict . Its amount is different for each beneficiary. She is paid monthly by CAF or MSA , to :

  • people with low incomes,
  • People without income, that is to say unemployed.

This allowance must therefore be an additional income or just what is needed to live. To qualify, eligible persons must make the request to the CAF or the MSA . But the latter are obliged to find a new professional activity (employment, training or internship).

The forties therefore had the idea of claim to be unemployed to receive RSA . However, the wife of this couple owned a car business . His companion worked there as an employee.

The latter intended to continue their misdeeds if the pot of roses was not discovered . A whistleblower brought it all to light when authorities searched the couple's accounts .

Consequences of their fraud

Overwhelming tracks proved that the couple unduly received CAF aid. In total, they had already received more than 15,000 euros from RSA .

During the trial, the two individuals did not deny the charges against them .

“I recognize the facts. I am sheepish, ashamed. We were starting the business, we were afraid of losing our footing. It is unforgivable, ”admits the man of the couple in front of the hearing.

But the public prosecutor is not convinced .

“We are far from excusable error. He was warned several times,” he explained.

His pleas are not enough for him. In addition, he has already been arrested for concealed work and for drunk driving . A total of 9 mentions had already tainted his criminal record .

Me Maxime Tessier, defense lawyer, declared that the latter has already repaid everything . A reduction in sentence is even expected.

That said, the woman will have to pay a fine of 1,000 euros . But she must also pay 7,400 euros in damages to CAF.

What constitutes CAF fraud?

This couple judged before the criminal court of Rennes, is not the only one to have committed a fraud at CAF . Another 40-year-old was fined 1,500 euros and reimbursed 25,000 euros for similar facts .

Few people have long taken advantage of this loophole of CAF. That said, the administrative fines awarded to these individuals are allocated proportionally to the extent of the fraud . The penalties can go up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros.

Are considered as fraud:

  • The intentional fact of forgetting a declaration requested by the Family Allowance Fund,
  • The intentional act of falsifying a declaration.

To date, the reporting system is the only way to determine an RSA recipient . The famous statement to qualify for this assistance , must therefore be completed as accurately as possible. These data concern in particular

  • Civil status and nationality,
  • The family situation
  • domiciliation,
  • professional situation,
  • The resources.

Source : West France