CAF aid: payment dates in 2023 for the French people concerned

modified: 2023-01-09 15:41:02

The French can count on help from CAF to get a little boost. But when will the next installments take place?

  CAF aid: payment dates in 2023 for the French people concerned

Contrary to popular belief, CAF aid is not intended only for the most modest . In fact, millions of households receive social benefits from this organization. These are different devices. Some aim to promote housing for French people, others to help low earners or parents of large families . Or, when waiting for a transfer , we are often in anguish, in case of delay. Especially at the end of the month, when the accounts are empty and the direct debits fall. Can we know the dates of the payments in advance? How to avoid receiving CAF aid late? We tell you everything.

No single payment date for CAF aid

Unfortunately for recipients , the usual transfer date varies according to the type of service . Thus, certain CAF aid such as the RSA or the Activity bonus, take place on the 5th of the following month. Thus, if you are entitled to these benefits, you will receive the allocation on February 5 for the January period . However, if the 5 falls on a public holiday, the payment can take place: the previous day or the following day.

in revenge, if you rely on APL to pay your rent , be aware that the transfer usually arrives around the 25th. Thus, Not all CAF aid works the same . Here again, anticipate possible days holidays. Indeed, in 2023, non-working working days will take place throughout the year. A situation that can quickly create anxiety in the event of a delay in banking transaction processing .

Keep your information up to date with CAF services

Declare your income and your personal situation is of paramount importance if you wish receive aid from CAF . Indeed, these elements play a crucial role in the calculation of your rights. And statements made must always be accurate . Otherwise, you may be subject to an audit and recovery for social fraud. It will then be necessary to reimburse the organization for all benefits obtained fraudulently .

But sometimes, a simple oversight can also have dramatic consequences. In effect, if you do not provide recent information, your aid from CAF may be suspended . You must therefore fill in the required data every three months. If you are afraid of not remembering it, do not hesitate to note the date of your next steps. You can also set a reminder date with your smartphone .

Also know about CAF and MSA can sometimes send you messages to ask you for additional information . In any case, do not transmit any private data in response to an SMS or Email, even if it seems safe to you. In this case, the best thing to do is to connect to the CAF website, and access your personal space . You will be able to enter your declaration in a secure way. Do not forget to also inform the changes of your family situation . Birth, marriage or separation: every detail counts to qualify for CAF aid.

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