CAF aid: the 4 key dates to remember for your allowances

modified: 2023-01-25 23:02:02

You must remember these 4 dates to receive CAF Aid. To be consulted in the new calendar available on the CAF website.

  CAF aid: the 4 key dates to remember for your allowances

The family allowance fund offers several households assistance so that they can withstand this period of inflation. Following date disruptions this year, it has decided to renew the deadlines for payment of benefits . On its site, there is a new calendar in which you can consult the deadlines for payment of CAF Aid .

Many French people rely on aid

The consequences of the economic and energy crises undermine the purchasing power of the French . The latter undergoing them head-on. That said, many of them rely on CAF Helpers to make ends meet in these unfavorable times. Aid which is obviously welcome, especially for the most modest households.

The family allowance fund intends to reassure the beneficiaries by creating a calendar payment of his benefits for the year 2023. Four new dates are to be noted in this new calendar that you can go to his website .

The conditions for receiving aid

As you already know, CAF Aid are usually paid on the 5th of each month . With the exception of the 5 which fall on a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday. If that is the case, CAF will shift the payment deadline of a few days .

However, this year disruptions will affect these deadlines . To this end, CAF has created a new calendar available on its website. In addition, the family allowance fund has raised its ceilings for this year 2023. This initiative will allow more people to benefit from CAF Aid .

Among this set of aids, the activity bonus, the personalized housing aid (APL) and the active solidarity income (RSA). It is nevertheless necessary meet a few conditions to claim these bonuses . For example, you must be over 18 years old, be French or have a residence permit for more than 5 years in France .

You must also provide proof of a stable situation in France or reside there for more than nine months . You also need a job. Otherwise, you must at least benefit from technical or partial unemployment . So you can receive the activity bonus or the RSA.

The same applies to aid distributions according to payment installments. Clear, the amount of aid will depend on the situation of each household .

The 4 dates to remember

As a reminder, the family allowance fund has set 4 exceptional dates in its new calendar . This is within the framework of the payment of CAF Aid. Not all of these dates fall on the 5th, however. so would be better for you to retain them all .

That said, you will have to control two dates from the first half of the year. Then two other dates from the second half of the year. These dates mark the end of the summer holidays and the end of the year 2023 .

The family allowance fund fixed all these dates in the first week of the different months concerned. The latter being the months of February, March, August and November. Indeed, your January premiums, you will receive them on the due date of February 6, 2023 .

CAF Aid for the month of February will be paid to you on March 6 of this year e. Those for the month of July 2023 will be due on August 4, 2023. However, you must take certain steps on the CAF website. The last date is November 6. This one corresponds to the payments of CAF Aid for the month of October .

Extend aid to more French people

You will have understood it, the CAF intends to extend its aid to more French people in 2023 . Following some disturbances, the organization is drawing up a new calendar of aid payment deadlines. To avoid missing a payment, you must remember the four deadlines contained in this calendar .

If necessary to check whether the payments are effective, we invite you to go to the CAF website . You can also use its app. In case of any errors, contact this number: 3220. It will put you in touch with a CAF adviser. If you cannot reach this number, send immediately a message via your account on the caisse's website .

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