CAF: alimony changes in 2023, which changes

modified: 2023-01-13 10:06:02

Separated and divorced families will now be able to benefit from intermediation, a new service provided by CAF.

  CAF: alimony changes in 2023, which changes

When two parents separate , they must try to put the conflict aside in the interest of the children. Nevertheless, tensions often complicate exchanges between ex-spouses . In addition to the issue of custody rights, paying child support can also be difficult. Also, when a parent must contribute financially to the maintenance of his child , it sometimes happens that he does not honor this obligation. To make things easier, CAF has therefore launched a brand new public service . The goal? Act as intermediaries between the two parents to limit disputes and unpaid bills . We will explain everything to you.

CAF faced with bad payers

Divorces and breakups rarely go smoothly. Moreover, cases of unpaid alimony remain rather widespread. According to the government, unpaid bills occur in 30% of cases. As well, CAF has a dedicated service to these issues.

This is the Alimony Collection and Intermediation Agency (ARIPA). Since 2021, this agency has been helping the parents concerned to recover the sums not paid by the other parent. The Ministry of Justice detailed the role played by this CAF service . The principle of the financial intermediation system is as follows: the parent debtor of maintenance pays monthly the amount of the maintenance to ARIPA, which then pays it to the creditor parent. The objective is to secure the payment of maintenance to creditor parents each month, by preventing the risk of non-payment and late payment. Financial intermediation also aims to ease tensions related to financial matters between separated parents, so that they can focus on the education and development of their child(ren). »

Family support allowance

if he he CAF has tackled the problem of unpaid bills head-on , we can certainly understand it. In effect, alongside the MSA , it is she who pays the family support allowance. Intended for single-parent families and single parents , this assistance can also be obtained in the event of unpaid child support.

In this case, CAF makes monthly payments of up to 184.41 euros per child . In return, the parent benefiting from this aid must prove that he the necessary steps before the court. Indeed, there is no question of exempting the other parent from their financial obligations. Thanks to his new intermediary, CAF will therefore be able to proceed itself to the recovery alimony. In this way, the family support allowance will concern fewer beneficiaries.

The families affected by the new CAF system

Financial intermediation now concerns all court decisions issued after January 1, 2023 . Indeed, previously, parents could request this service, but it did not apply automatically. Initially, CAF had launched this system to prevent conflicts , especially in cases of domestic violence. During a separation for domestic violence, it is not easy for the parent in charge of the child to recover the alimony from the debtor parent, who is often violent. It is then possible to appeal to the Agency for the recovery of unpaid alimony of the CAF. »

Designed for calm sometimes dramatic situations , this system has enabled many families to solve the problem of child support. As well, CAF is now generalizing this system to all separations and divorces, as soon as the court fixes alimony. It will also apply to amicable separations and divorces by mutual consent .

Indeed, this system makes it possible to prevent disagreements, even after the breakup. Playing the role of intermediary, the CAF keeps the dialogue calm. According to the Ministry of Solidarity, » This public support service helps to secure the payment of support by preventing the risk of non-payment and late payment. It also aims to ease tensions related to financial matters between separated parents. »

How it works ?

Yes the court decision fixing the alimony date after January 1, 2023, you do not have to do anything. Indeed, CAF will automatically receive the data required to manage your file . » The implementation of the service is automatic. The justice professionals directly transmit the elements of the file. You just have to think about fixing the amount of alimony in order to benefit from it. »

This CAF service will also apply automatically current collection requests processed by ARIPA. But if your separation gave rise to a court decision before 2023, and you have not had recourse to ARIPA, you will have to apply for it. For take this step , meeting on the dedicated site . » Parents must make their request for financial intermediation directly on the website »

What should I do if the amount of my pension remains too low?

Sometimes the primary custodial parent cannot count on the financial support of their ex-spouse. Insolvency, low incomes… some single-parent families cannot count on any alimony. Or, the amount may be insufficient. Don't panic, CAF can help you.

If the parent who does not have primary custody has low income, the court may not be able to fix child support. In this case, you can apply for a family support allowance. In this case, send a copy of the judge's decision to CAF. So you can get 184.41 euros per month and per child .

If the pension fixed by the court has a amount less than 184 euros , know that you can also request a supplement. In this case you will receive a transfer equivalent to the difference between your pension and the amount of the allowance of family support. CAF will thus support your budget.

hope that this new service will allow stepfamilies to have an easier dialogue. Indeed, in recent times, the French have seen their purchasing power to lower. Also, in times of crisis, money can generate even more arguments. CAF risks relieving many parents thanks to this intermediary role. Indeed, it is often easier to solve problems with an outside eye.

Source : Money Vox