CAF: all about PreParE, compensation for taking care of your child

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In France, families can count on the CAF to support them, particularly with regard to the education of dependent children.

  CAF: all about PreParE, compensation for taking care of your child

Give birth to children , and raising them to adulthood, remains a joy for millions of families in France. Nevertheless, it is a very important commitment, which can quickly have high cost . To help parents across the country, CAF offers many social aids . Back-to-school allowance, childcare allowance (PAJE)… This organization’s mission is to support homes, with devices accessible under certain conditions. Among all these measures, the Prepare: Shared Child Education Benefit , allows you to stop your activity to take care of your toddler.

Who can benefit from this boost?

To be entitled to this social benefit, CAF has set up several criteria :

  • Have a child under 3 years old. This age can reach 20 years in the context of a recent adoption.
  • At least one of the two parents in the household must stop their professional activity. It can also be a partial reduction in working time . Both fathers and mothers remain concerned by the device. They can benefit one after the other or simultaneously. In the latter case, know that the allocations cannot be stacked .
  • To obtain this aid from CAF, you must also provide proof of at least eight quarters contributed in the last two years to old-age insurance if this is your first child. On the other hand, this period increases to four years if it is your second child. Finally, if you have more than three children, it is enough to have contributed eight quarters during the last five years.
  • Finally, you must have at least one year of seniority in your company. This criterion does not apply to job seekers.

To set the amount of the PreParE, the CAF uses a fairly complex calculation. The latter takes into account all household income , wages, allowances, unemployment benefits, etc.

PreParE: how does this CAF aid work?

This service is part of the PAJE system : which helps parents in the event of the birth of a new child. It is aimed at both parents, and allows you to benefit from a boost when you have to stop working to take care of a child. That said, don't delay: after the minor's third birthday, you will no longer be entitled to it.

To submit an application, you must be part of the CAF recipients . If you don't have a account with this organization, you can register in a few clicks . The PreParE wants to be egalitarian. Thus, it compensates parents who have just welcomed a baby, without distinction between the father and the mother.

Thus, in the case of a couple who has just had a child, everyone is entitled to 6 months of PreParE to take care of the infant . Nevertheless, if one of the two parents does not cease his activity, the 6 months will be lost. In effect, no question of transferring the six months of the father to the mother of the child . Everyone must only benefit from the duration of compensation authorized by CAF.

Special cases

You may have noticed: PreParE rights change according to the number of children in the household . Thus, if you welcome your first baby, the rights to this allowance only run for 6 months. On the other hand, they can reach 12 months for a single parent.

That said, CAF is more generous if you have two children . In this case, each parent is entitled to PreParE for 24 months, until the 3rd birthday of the youngest. In the same order of ideas, in the event of the birth of triplets , the duration of the compensation increases to 48 months. In this case, each of the two parents can benefit from it until the sixth birthday of the children. But in the case of a single-parent family, this period can be up to 72 months .

Finally, as we mentioned above, CAF can also make exceptions regarding the age of dependent minors . Thus, if you adopt a child under 20, you are entitled to PreParE as after a birth. This aid allows to welcome young people as well as possible with his new family.

PreParE: amounts paid by CAF

After the birth of a baby , returning to work immediately can seem like a lot of work. Especially since finding a mode of childcare is not easy these days. The Prepare allows for a smooth recovery. Indeed, some parents completely stop their professional activity to take care of their toddler. But others do the choice to reduce their working hours . This is the scenario you have opted for, CAF will not grant you the same amount.

So if you stop, you enter the frame of ' total cessation of activity' . In this case, the amount of the PreParE will reach 422.21 euros per child. On the other hand, if you simply opt for a part-time return (less than 50%), you will only be entitled to 272.94 euros. Finally, for those who choose to return to work for part-time between 50 and 80% , the CAF will pay you 157.45 euros each month.

Finally, know that you can also to opt for the increased PreParE . In this case, the transfers will amount to 690.12 euros each month. However, it is not a gift. If you choose this solution, be aware that your compensation will last less than with conventional payments.

Prepare well for the arrival of the baby

When we are expecting a child, we think of decorate the room , buy linen or even find a pretty first name. However, the administrative procedures, although less exhilarating, must remain a priority. In effect, the CAF can sometimes need a few weeks to process the files and demands of its recipients.

Also, the best remains notify this organization as soon as possible , even during pregnancy. To do this, you must register with the CAF and clearly indicate your family situation. This process can be done online, by logging into your secure area. If you have trouble accessing it, you can also do these formalities by mail :

  • To register and declare your situation, you can fill out the form Deer 11423*05 . It will take i indicate your marital status (single, cohabitation, marriage, PACS, etc.) and the number of dependent children, as well as their dates of birth.
  • To apply for PreParE, you can fill out the form Cerfa 12324*06 .
  • You will then have to send them to the CAF on which you depend by mail.

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