CAF: here are the payment dates for your allowances in 2023

modified: 2023-01-11 18:39:02

Every month, many French people receive payments from CAF. But what are the exact dates?

  CAF: here are the payment dates for your allowances in 2023

In France, the MSA and the CAF grant different kinds of social assistance . Some are intended for parents, others ensure a minimum income, or promote access to housing . Some of these benefits affect millions of households. Like family allowances. But other schemes primarily target people in very precarious situations , such as the RSA or the ASS. So these payments are the subject of a wait, sometimes agonizing for some beneficiaries . Indeed, the day on which the transfer arrives is of paramount importance when the end of the month becomes difficult . Do not panic ! To help you anticipate, Foozine presents the CAF payment schedule for 2023 .

CAF: how does the payment of benefits work?

For receive aid from this organization , you must register as a beneficiary. This process can be done by mail , or online. In any case, you will have to enter your information (family situation, income) every three months. Indeed, in case of omission, your rights to CAF could be suspended .

In addition, you should be aware that social assistance only arrives in arrears. For example, this means that you will receive benefits for the month of September at the beginning of the following month t (October). Thus, CAF beneficiaries received a payment on January 5, 2023. However, this money corresponds to the allowances granted for December 2022. Generally, all aid are paid on the 5th of the month (RSA, APL, activity bonus, etc.). But the chance of the calendar sometimes comes to upset this little routine .

Dates to remember in 2023

As we said, CAF payments take place from the beginning of the following month . Thus, if you have rights for the month of April 2023, you will receive the corresponding aid on May 5. Then know most of the time, the transfer will arrive on the 5th of the month to your bank account . In particular in April, May, June, July, September, October and December 2023.

However, depending on weekends and public holidays , some installments will be paid in advance. Also, CAF will pay social benefits of the month of July from August 4, 2023. However, for other months, the date of the transfers will rather be subject to a report .

  • For aid from January 2023, your payment will take place on February 6.
  • Re February benefits , the payment will arrive on March 6th.
  • For the rights granted for the month of October 2023, you will receive your transfer on November 6 .

Finally, keep in mind that these dates correspond transfers initiated by CAF . However, according to your bank, transaction processing time can take up to three days . Thus, some institutions do not take into account transfers that arrive on Sunday or Monday. Also, for the months of February, March or November 2023, it is better to anticipate this delay . To find out for sure, you can teach yourself directly with your bank advisor.

If you notice a big delay in your allowance s, check your mail. Or connect to your personal space on the CAF website. Indeed, it may be missing items in your file. In that case, it is better to solve the anomaly as soon as possible to receive the aid to which you are entitled.

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