CAF: if you exceed this salary ceiling, you will no longer be eligible for the activity bonus

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The CAF is an organization that pays almost all the allowances offered by the State. Today we will discuss the activity bonus.

  CAF: if you exceed this salary ceiling, you will no longer be eligible for the activity bonus

The activity bonus is social assistance Created 6 years ago now. Its main objective is to encourage people on low incomes to return to work . To do this, help provides employees with salary supplements . Since 2019, a reform has been applied to this aid . This increased the number of eligible people. In 2021, CAF has identified around 4.5 million low-income families who have received it . However, many people are eligible , most do not claim their right . What are the conditions and how to claim this aid? We answer you.

What is the CAF activity bonus?

As the name suggests, it's a bounty. Thus, it is a sum that the State offers to encourage certain workers . The website month allocs published on December 9, 2022 gave the definition:

“The activity bonus is social assistance paid to you by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF), or the Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA). Its objective is to enhance your professional activity, by adding to your income. »

This help is born from the merger of two other allocations . The law of August 17, 2015 creates the activity bonus for replace from 2016 the RSA Activity and the Employment Bonus (PPE) . The rationale for this aid is to support the purchasing power of French citizens who earns low incomes.

Unfortunately, many are eligible households, but who do not claim their right . To combat this, the state provides for the implementation of an automatic payment from 2023 . The potential beneficiary does not claim it, because they do not know their rights. Thus, we give you in this article the conditions, the amount and the procedures for benefiting from the activity bonus .

CAF: the conditions for granting the activity bonus

There are several conditions to be met in order to benefit from the activity bonus . We will explain it to you in the following two subtitles.

Personal conditions

To be eligible for the CAF activity bonus , the person must meet the following conditions . First, he must be of legal age. That is, be 18 years of age or older. Even if a minor carries out professional activities, he can only claim the activity bonus from the age of 18 .

Then, it would have to the adult is of French nationality . For foreigners residing in France, if they reside in France on a stable basis, they may be entitled to the activity bonus under certain conditions . Here are the conditions that must be met:

  • Be a national of the European Economic Area, of the European Union
  • Being Swiss
  • Be in a regular situation on French territory for at least 5 years.

Income conditions

As mentioned above, the person concerned by the activity bonus must be someone who perceives modest financial resources . What is the income ceiling not to be exceeded to take the activity bonus. The information site “Once upon a pub”, published on December 15, 2022, give us some examples . First of all, you should know that the ceiling varies according to the composition of the family. Without making you wait any longer, here are some examples.

  • For a single person without children, the monthly income must not exceed 1700 euros net.
  • If you are alone with a dependent child, your income must not exceed 2636.87 euros per month .
  • For each additional child you earn 601.26 euros more.

Attention, the official site of the CA F states:

“The amount depends on the resources of all the members of the household. »

Thus, if you are in a relationship and your partner works, you have to add your salary in the calculation . Moreover, certain financial aids are taken into account in the calculation of income. Here they are :

  • Unemployment and family benefits
  • Les allocations de logement (ALF, ALS, APL)
  • Real estate and movable income

In contrast, here are the revenues that are not taken into account in the calculation of the activity bonus .

  • The birth bonus,
  • The Free Choice Complement to the Mode of Care (CMG)
  • The Back to School Allowance (ARS).

If all these conditions seem difficult for you to assimilate, know that on the CAF website there is a free simulator .

The steps to take to apply for the activity bonus

Reported by news site once upon a time published on December 15, 2022,

“Nearly a quarter of people eligible for the activity bonus do not claim it”.

However, the complaint is a fairly simple procedure . Here's how.

  • Test your eligibility with the CAF: it is a procedure you can do online and only in a few clicks.
  • Once eligible, still on the CAF website, you must complete a form and attach the requested supporting documents.
  • Finally, you send all this to CAF and after 3 months, the organization pays you your first activity bonus .

That's all you need to do to claim the allowance .

CAF: the amount of the activity bonus

The amount of the activity bonus is variable , it changes depending on your family composition and income limit. In 2022, the law on purchasing power has increased the price of this allowance . Here are the values ​​that will boost your purchasing power depending on your situation.

For a single parent

For this category of people, the fixed amount of the activity bonus without dependent child is 586.23 euros . If there are people or children under his responsibility, this value increases by:

  • 50% for the 1st additional person
  • 30% per additional person
  • 40% per additional person beyond the 3rd person

Thus, a single parent who takes care of 3 children receive an amount of 1231.06 euros activity bonus. This sum is paid to him by the CAF on a monthly basis.

For a couple

If a person is in a relationship, the fixed amount of the activity bonus is 879.34 euros . For each dependent child, we add:

  • 50% for the first person in addition
  • 30% more per person
  • 40% more per person beyond the 3rd person

That said, a couple with a dependent child can obtain 1055.20 euros as an activity bonus . However, beware, the value of the income cap is revalued by the CAF every three months . Do not be surprised then if overnight the amount of your lucky bonus where if payment is suspended .

There you go, now you know the conditions and the amount you can benefit from with the activity bonus . All you have to do is test your eligibility and apply.

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