CAF: more than 2 million households affected by the payment in January, what date?

modified: 2023-01-12 01:35:02

Some CAF beneficiaries did not receive the Christmas bonus in time for the holidays. When will its payment take place in January 2023?

  CAF: more than 2 million households affected by the payment in January, what date?

Launched in 1998, the Christmas bonus works as a helping hand, granted once a year . The goal? Helping the poorest French people to celebrate the end of year celebrations. Whether it's hosting a great meal or gliding gifts under the tree . But in some cases, it happens that the CAF or the MSA do not send the transfer to everyone from mid-December . If necessary, latecomers only receive this aid from January. If you are one of these beneficiaries , when can you expect this payment?

Christmas bonus: what are we talking about?

This aid primarily targets the most vulnerable people. To benefit from it, you must meet one of the following criteria :

  • Perceive and RSA .
  • Receive the pension equivalent allowance (AER).
  • Perceive the ASS.

That said , the Christmas Bonus paid by CAF does not reach the same amount for all households. Indeed, it depends on the number of adults and minors who make up the household. Thus, a single person will only be able to claim 152.45 euros. But u n couple without children will be entitled to 228.67 euros . And in the case of parents with 4 dependent children, this CAF boost can amount to 442.10 euros.

To know : Pôle emploi also offers, in certain cases, the payment of the Christmas bonus. But unlike CAF, the employment agency does not modulate the amount of this aid . The therefore remains fixed at 152.45 euros , regardless of household composition.

However, anomalies can delay payment of the Christmas bonus . A priori, this service does not require any formality. But the CAF sometimes encounters problems, to process all the files before Christmas. There are several possibilities:

  • You are entitled to RSA, ASS or AER since December 2022. In this case, your Christmas bonus will arrive around December 15.
  • You have been a beneficiary for a long time, but your payment has not arrived. In that case, make sure you have declared your situation during the last trimester. If you changed your information on the CAF website in November, it can also delay the Christmas bonus.

CAF: anticipating late payments

CAF can only grant social assistance recipients who clearly indicate their situation (single, marriage, separation, dependent children). To avoid being in difficulty, you must therefore update your data in time to avoid a suspension of your rights. Do not hesitate to write down a reminder for do not forget to do this manipulation every three months .

Finally, know that CAF cannot predict the date on which you will see the transfer in your bank account . Thus, it will send the remaining Christmas bonuses as of January 15. However, depending on the deadlines applied by your bank, you could see this amount on your balance in a period ranging from 24 hours to 8 working days . To avoid unpleasant surprises, remember to check these terms with your bank advisor. Indeed, these few days can seem very long at the end of the month.

Source : Money Vox