CAF: new ceilings for benefiting from the back-to-school allowance in 2023

modified: 2023-01-27 18:08:02

The back-to-school allowance (ARS) is an aid paid by the CAF. One of its grant conditions will be modified this year.

  CAF: new ceilings for benefiting from the'allocation de rentrée scolaire en 2023

The CAF or family allowance fund is an organization responsible for paying most of the allowances offered by the State . As its name suggests, the aid paid by this fund concerns the family. By the way, the back-to-school allowance is one of the allowances that CAF pays .

Speaking of the back-to-school allowance, after the 4% revaluation of its amount in summer 2022 . Another good news is coming this year. What is this good news? What will change for beneficiaries? If the answer to these questions interests you, read the rest of this article.

What is ARS?

Before you unveil the good news of this year , first recalling what ARS is. As its name suggests, the ARS is a financial aid that the CAF pays for helping parents with the start of the school year . This aid is paid to the beneficiary each year in mid-August.

Ugly can be used to pay for school supplies , the canteen and everything that goes back to school. Given the decline in French purchasing power linked to the energy crisis, last year the amount of the ARS has been revalued by 4% . What is its amount? What are the grant conditions? What is changing for this year?

CAF: The conditions for granting the ARS?

Obviously, since we are talking about back to school, the first condition to be a beneficiary of the ARS is to have at least one child in school . After that, like most aid paid in France, there is a means test. The government website Service-Public recalls these conditions.

“The back-to-school allowance (ARS) is paid, subject to resources, to families with at least one school-going child aged 6 to 18”

Finally, as it is the CAF which takes care of the payment of the ARS , to benefit from it, you must be a beneficiary of the CAF.

A school child

The term children is clear, as the government site Service-Public specifies, he is a person between the ages of 6 and 18 . And educated, what does that mean? A child is in school when, for the next school year, he goes to school or is registered with the Cned (national center for distance education) .

Means test

The means test is the fact that the annual income of a household claiming to this aid must not exceed certain sums . This ceiling is assessed by the CAF and varies according to the number of dependent children in the family. The great news that we announced in the introduction concerning this ceiling .

This is good news, because the amount of this income limit is increased. To give you an idea of ​​the upgrade, here is a comparison:

Here are the resource ceilings for the 2022-2023 school year, the one that applied to the start of the school year last year :

  • For a child attending school, the net income of a household must not exceed 25,370 euros
  • For two children: 31,225 euros
  • For three children: 37,080 euros
  • If he has more children in school, just add 5,855 euros per additional child .

Here is the new ceiling that applies from this year:

  • For a child attending school, net income must not exceed 25,775 euros
  • For two children, income must be less than or equal to 31,723 euros
  • For three children: 37,671 euros
  • For each additional child, you have to add 5,948 euros .

That's it, you now know that the minimum ceiling for get l'ARS is 25,775 euros . This is good news, because the number of households benefiting from this allowance will surely increase . According to the Money Vox news site published on January 26, 2023:

'In August 2022, nearly 3 million families had been able to benefit from the back-to-school allowance'.

This year, this figure will certainly increase .

The amount of the ARS paid by the CAF

Already, it should be specified that the beneficiaries of the ARS have nothing to do . The CAF collects the data on the basis of the tax declaration that you make. The amount of the ARS varies according to the age of the child. Without delay, here are the different amounts according to the age groups .

  • For a child aged 6 to 10: 392.05 euros
  • For a child between 11 and 14 years old: 413.69 euros
  • From 15 to 18 years old: 428.02 euros

Due to the 4% revaluation last year, the amount of the ARS was paid twice : the first, the amount without revaluation and a few days later the value of 4%. For this year, except last minute change, these amounts are maintained .

Here, concerning the ARS, what changes this year is the resource cap value .

Source : Moneyvox