CAF rights: they are recalculated in 2023, are you eligible for new aid?

modified: 2023-01-06 02:14:02

In January 2023, you may notice changes in your CAF rights. We will explain everything to you.

  CAF rights: they are recalculated in 2023, are you eligible for new aid?

In France, the most modest can count on aid from CAF (or the MSA, for agricultural workers). However, the payment of allowances is still subject to means testing. And, you must also regularly declare any changes that have occurred in your home. In effect, your rights to CAF may change if you have had a young child, or in the event of separation . You must therefore often update your data on the site of this organization. And according to the information entered this year, CAF changes your rights from January 1, 2023 . To help you understand what awaits you, the editorial staff of Once Upon a Pub explains everything to you.

CAF rights: what are we talking about?

The Family Allowance Fund pays out all kinds of benefits to a wide variety of people. For example, many students and recipients rely on housing allowance to pay part of their rent . On the active side, employees and self-employed workers are entitled to the activity bonus. In short: your rights to the CAF can vary completely, depending on your income and the composition of your household .

For families, support for the maintenance of children is also of fundamental importance. Thus, each year, many households benefit from the back-to-school allowance. As its name suggests, it allows parents to buy the equipment used by their children at school . Again, CAF rights may vary depending on the number of your children, as well as their ages.

How to avoid unpleasant surprises?

To begin with, know that the CAF must know your income and your situation constantly to help you. As we said before, it must rely on your resources to estimate your rights to CAF . For everything to work as well as possible, you must therefore carry out certain steps regularly.

Thereby, every three months, do not forget to update your information on the dedicated site . Salaries, additional income, marital status, dependent children... If you forget, you risk seeing your CAF rights suspended. However, these days, many French people rely on the helping hand provided by this organization . To avoid finding yourself in difficulty, do not hesitate to note the date of your steps in your diary.

It is often about a tedious step , but necessary so that you can receive the allowances or premiums which are yours by right.

CAF rights: why are they changing in January 2023?

Quite simply, because the administration relies on your resources for year N-2 . Thus, in 2022, your social benefits were calculated, based on your 2020 income. However, in 2023, your rights to CAF will take into account the income you declared for the year 2021.

A priori, you must have done this before. If you forgot, you must have receive a reminder from CAF by email. Fill in this information quickly. Otherwise, you may well suffer a suspension of your rights at CAF.

But as of January 1, 2023, the administration will also apply new scales to the aid it grants. Indeed, due to inflation, resource limits applied will increase. We are therefore entering the ideal period for check your rights at CAF .

Non-use and lack of information

We often hear about social fraud. Or even of dishonest people, declaring false information to receive maximum benefits . However, according to CAF, only 1% of the 35 million checks it triggered in 2021 were really fraudulent.

In reality, many French people remain aggrieved, lack of information concerning their rights at CAF . Thus, more than 20% of people eligible for the RSA , do not request it. Also, they do not receive any aid. Same thing on the side of the activity bonus. Statistical institutes and the researchers then speak of 'non-recourse' .

Faced with sometimes complex administrative procedures, many people become discouraged and do not ask for anything. They are thus missing out on large sums , which could well help them on a daily basis. To avoid missing out on your rights at CAF , there is a very simple solution.

Think of the simulator to know your rights at CAF

Find out about social benefits can often be daunting and boring. Indeed, there are a large number of criteria, and of checkboxes. It is therefore sometimes difficult to know what we can claim. To avoid errors, there is a simulator for each of your CAF rights .

However, if you want estimate any assistance you may be entitled to , log on to . You will thus be able to know all the aid for which you are part of the eligible public.

How to declare a change?

Like other organisations, CAF sometimes needs a certain period of time to process files and requests recipients. Thus, if your personal life experiences a change, you must declare it as soon as possible.

For example, if you are expecting a child, try to indicate it as much as possible . Thus, your rights to CAF can remain in line with your daily life. In the case of young parents, anticipating can thus help to reach the PAJE at the earliest after birth .

But how to do it ? All you have to do is connect to the CAF website. From your personal space, select the section 'declare a change' . You will be able to modify all your information. Municipality of residence, dependent children, marital life… every detail counts.

CAF rights are not a luxury . For many French people, this is a much needed sum to lead a decent life. Remember that people with disabilities can claim AAH (soon to be deconjugalized) . Moreover, the CAF will take a leading role in the payment of maintenance. So far she has paid the support allowance in the event of non-payment or single-parent families . Now it will offer a new free public service. In this context, it can therefore serve as an intermediary to pay alimony between ex-spouses.

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