CAF, salary: a new obligation in force to receive your income

modified: 2023-01-26 14:09:02

Get ready, because your employer or the CAF may ask you to regularize your RIB. The details.

  CAF, salary: a new obligation in force to receive your income

The year 2023 will be marked by many changes for CAF employees and recipients . This time, the methods of payment of social benefits and wages will change. The measure is part of the fight against economic violence and the promotion of financial independence for women. It is for anyone who receive their salary and allowances by bank transfer . Millions of people in France are affected. Find out what this includes for you.

The methods of payment of the CAF, employers and Pôle emploi have changed

A law of December 27, 2022 modified the methods of payment of allowances , social benefits and wages. The measure concerns in particular bank transfers from CAF, employers and employment center .

This new provision completes the law of December 24, 2021 in favor of economic and professional equality. This has the ambition to promote the financial autonomy of women . She wants to protect the wife's assets in case of separation. But she also fights against the influence of relatives or the spouse .

Before making any payment, the CAF, the employer and Pôle emploi must ensure that the account holder is in the name of the beneficiary. If applicable, the latter must be co-holder. Nothing does not prevent it from being paid into a joint account .

But the beneficiary can no longer determine a third party who will collect his due in his place . Mandating a third party for this is therefore no longer possible. Unless you are a third party legally authorized to receive it, no other exceptions are allowed .

Are you in good standing with the employer

As a reminder, the salary can be paid by crossed check, in cash or by transfer to a bank or postal account. However, when this remuneration exceeds the threshold of 1,500 euros , this must be paid by crossed check or by transfer (bank or postal) .

The employer must respect these methods of payment of wages otherwise he is liable to penalties . Otherwise, it could expose themselves to a fine of 450 euros to 2,250 euros .

In order to comply with this obligation, each employer will start comparing the identities of its employees and holders from their bank account. In the event of irregularities, he will ask them to communicate a RIB in the name of the employee.

Where applicable, the worker must provide proof that he is the co-holder of this account . The latter must thus report an RIB statement to determine the surnames and first names of each holder of the joint account. But he can just as well bring any proof of this quality from your bank .

Checks by CAF and Pôle emploi on the identity of their beneficiary

Payments of social benefits through CAF and Pôle emploi are mostly made by bank transfer . From now on, they will require that their recipients send them only the RIB of which they are co-holders or holders.

Pôle Emploi checks happen in a targeted or random way . But they can also take place after the report of a Pôle emploi referent adviser.

The control is different on the CAF side. The latter is based solely on the declarations of these beneficiaries. She therefore uses 3 types of control . It's about,

  • Automated control,
  • Document control with additional request for supporting documents,
  • Home control.

You should know that Pôle emploi and CAF are very strict about the payment of these social benefits . If these two organizations ask you for a quick regularization of your file, it is better to hurry to avoid problems.

In the case of Pôle emploi, the refusal to comply may go so far as to suspend financial aid in the future . On the side of CAF, this new measure could be perceived as undue payments. In the event of non-conformity between the identity of the beneficiary and the account holder, the fund may consider that the account holder can no longer receive the benefit . Requests for reimbursement will therefore probably be communicated to him.

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