CAF: What is the new condition for receiving the RSA?

modified: 2023-01-30 14:16:02

The conditions for granting the active solidarity income or RSA, issued by the CAF, will experience a change this year. Which ?

  CAF: What is the new condition for receiving the RSA?

At the start of each year, your rights to CAF are recalculated . During this renewal, certain beneficiaries can lose or gain benefits . Apart from the renewal made by CAF, the change in the conditions for granting can also change your eligibility for an allowance . Precisely, for this new year, the conditions for granting the active solidarity income (RSA) will be modified. From now on, to claim this allowance, you have to complete a certain number of hours of professional activity . How many hours exactly? What are the other conditions? Does this change the amount of aid? We answer you in this article.

CAF: The procedures for allocating social assistance

In France, there are two allocation methods of social assistance. Either help is paid automatically , or you have to apply for it. The first does not require any action from the service provider. The latter does not send any file or fill in this information. How it is possible ? If the beneficiary does not communicate any give, how does CAF check its eligibility?

To collect the data necessary for the eligibility check, the CAF consults your tax return . The news site Next plz, published on January 29, 2023, proves this by stating:

“Indeed, the family allowance fund collects your income for year N-2 from taxes”.

This would mean that your financial situation for the year 2021 may change your current rights . You may even receive help you don't even know exists.

Conversely, for aid that requires an application, millions of potential beneficiaries did not touch because of non-recourse . The main cause of this non-recourse is administrative phobia. However, some of these procedures are very simple . By way of illustration, to receive a fuel bonus of 100 euros, all you have to do is an online complaint .

The APL, the activity bonus or the active solidarity income (RSA), can allow some low-income households to maintain . However, before applying, it is important to know what conditions must be met. New conditions are imposed for future RSA beneficiaries , we tell you everything in the rest of this article.

The conditions for granting and amount of the RSA

The RSA or active solidarity income is an aid paid for low-income households to ensure a minimum level of income. This aid is part of several aids paid by CAF each month. The amount of this aid varies according to the composition of the family. Here's how it went:

  • 564.78 euros for a single person
  • 966.99 euros for a single parent with a dependent child
  • 1,186.04 euros for a couple with two dependent children

In this difficult time, this sum is non-negotiable to make ends meet s. Does this concern you? To qualify for the RSA, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least 25 years old,
  • Reside in France in a stable and effective manner,
  • Being French
  • Have modest resources

In addition to that, a new condition is coming for this year 2023 , to collect the RSA. It should be noted that this new condition does not change the amount of aid.

RSA: should we work or not?

Many people wonder whether or not you have to work to benefit from the RSA paid by CAF. The answer is yes. The new condition that has earned the name 'RSA conditional' is the completion of certain hours of professional activity. The real reason for RSA is to allow the modest household to get back to work . The Next plz news site stated:

“These aids must above all be seen as a means of getting back on their feet and gaining access to employment”.

This new condition is put in place for avoid state aid fraud . Some beneficiaries hide their activity to continue to receive the RSA. An employee of an allowance fund in Languedoc-Roussillon at the microphone of LCI said:

“The majority are not looking for work. With the RSA and what they have on the black side, they are not going to work 35 hours for €1,200”.

Precisely, to overcome this, the new condition for to receive RSA is to work 15 and 20 hours per week . It is a way to guarantee access and return to employment.

Several departments are already testing for the application of this new condition. Soon, this will apply throughout France .

Source : Nextplz