Camaïeu: don't miss the final destocking of the winter collection in Noz stores

modified: 2023-01-11 20:02:02

Since the Camaïeu company sank, it remains the Noz chain which has decided to buy back the stocks to sell them at bargain prices.

  Camaïeu: don't miss the final destocking of the winter collection in Noz stores

The Camaïeu company has suffered a lot from the global pandemic, like many other businesses. But faced with this difficulty, the brand had to be placed in compulsory liquidation. . And finally it remains the Noz company which bought the stocks of the brand . She then decides to sell them from the buyout at discounted prices. And as the sales have just started, Noz offers the clothes in a final destocking with promotions at -50%. We'll explaine everything here.

The last stocks of Camaïeu

This year 2022 seemed very difficult for the Camaïeu brand. Indeed, the global pandemic has done great damage to many businesses, and Camaïeu is one of them. So, the brand had to be placed in compulsory liquidation . And finally, after an auction, it remains the destocking giant Noz who was able to buy back the stocks .

But the Camaïeu brand had plenty of stocks. In addition to the unsold, there was also the winter collection which had not even been unveiled yet. So, if rumors exist that the French group MLT could buy the brand, for stocks, they have already been able to sell it . Thus, if you are a fan of the Camaïeu brand, you can find all the clothes of the latter on the shelves of Noz. But since today, the sales have started . Which therefore becomes very interesting since Noz is already specialized in bargain prices. So for the sales, there will be many good deals.

The new collection

Noz remains a very present company in France. Like the Action store, the latter remains specialized in low prices. So you can find all kinds of products there, food, decoration and, obviously, clothes too. So, for these sales, the brand decides to launch the new winter collection at reduced prices. You can therefore find it in the 301 stores located throughout France. In everything, she recovered nearly 1.5 million clothes and also Camaïeu accessories .

But as soon as Noz bought back the stocks, the brand was able to offer the summer collection and unsold items. In this way, this limits unsold products and waste . But now, the brand offers the second part of the winter collection, which also remains the last in reality. It will therefore be very quickly put in stores for sale.

The date of commercialization

Thus, Camaïeu fans will be able to discover products that they have never seen before in the stores of this brand since this remains the new collection. The Noz brand plans to sell this collection at half price. This is an opportunity to do good business. And a very rare fact since the new collections generally remain unsold. Sébastien Jaffres, the buyer, told our colleagues from Marie-France that “ Customers will be able to find all the clothes they knew in Camaïeu stores: tops, skirts, pants, accessories, shoes, etc. ”. For the second part of the winter collection, she “ is still in the old warehouses of Camaïeu in Roubaix ”. But it will be in stores from Friday January 13 at 5 p.m. in Noz stores. . So don't miss this date!

Source : Marie-France