Camille Combal dad: the host still in shock by the weight of his baby at birth

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On the Rémy and Charly podcast entitled '3 darons, a coffee', Camille Combal agreed to reveal the joys of fatherhood. His confidences.

  Camille Combal dad: the host still in shock by the weight of his baby at birth

For those who don't know, Camille Combal became a father for the first times on May 29, 2022. It was an unforgettable moment for the host, who also admitted to having cried at the arrival of his child. In Rémy and Charly's podcast entitled '3 darons, a coffee', the father of the family returned to this moment and also revealed the weight of his little piece of cabbage at birth . Find out all the details in this article.

Camille Combal: who is his wife Marie Treille Stefani?

Camille Combal is surely no longer a heart to take . Indeed, in a relationship since 2016, he spins the happy days with his partner Marie Treille Stefani. But who is the latter? Very discreet on the subject, the host nevertheless agreed to reveal a bit more about it during his interview with TV Magazine.

“She is a journalist and does TV but we don’t want to dwell on our private life. She doesn't want to be reduced to 'the wife of', I think...' he said candidly.

According to Camille Combal, they met while filming . With YouTuber Michou, he said:

'Know that I did an Ax ad, which was on TV, on the web, six or seven years ago and it turns out that I'm shooting this ad and in the girls, there's a girl who is lovely, who's a model, who's in advertising. »

The forties fell in love with the young woman . Much to the host's dismay, it wasn't reciprocated. Because, Mary already had someone in her life .

“We shoot on Saturday, on Sunday at the end of the shoot, I ask the girl for her phone number. I ask her for her number in an elegant way (…) She tells me 'No I'm sorry, I'm with someone, I don't want to'. So I give my number to me and if she wants to call me, she calls me”

They got married

Fate finally smiled on Camille Combal since Marie Treille Stefani ended up contacting him , once she ended up single. However, she let him know she was not interested in him .

The one who was cold with Cyril hanouna was first injured , but he obviously did not give up. The young man fought for months to seduce the beautiful young lady .

'My crush on the Ax ad, after months and months, she became my wife, I'm married to her today. That's how I met my wife, on the Ax pub, ”he said.

It was the beginning of a long love story. Three years after they met, the lovers have decided to take the plunge and get married . In 'A golden family', Camille Combal could not help but reconsider her marriage proposal, listening to that of a candidate named Gauthier, who asked for his wife's hand in Venice .

'I proposed to my wife in Venice too, she didn't know I put the wedding ring in a little thing and hid it in a sock, except I couldn't find the right pair of socks anymore when I arrived and my anxiety was to lose the suitcase,' he said.

Became a father for the first time

After their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child . Marie Treille Stefani and Camille Combal were thrilled. Moreover, it is with the discretion that we know them that the couple began to pamper this little being which has filled them with happiness ever since. But on May 29, 2022, on Mother's Day, the new has finally been made official by the young mother .

It was through a publication in tribute to his mother that Marie Treille Stefani shared the good news.

' Happy Birthday Mom. Becoming a mother made me understand how absolute this role is. A whirlwind that overturns everything. The most beautiful of miracles, ”she confessed.

Camille Combal: still shocked by the weight of her child

We had to wait until November for fans know the baby's first name: Pio . Then guest of the Ben Névert Show, the host opened like never before , evoking without taboo his new daily life.

' It's hard. It changes everything. In the morning you get up, before you said 'so what's going on at L'Equipe, did OM win?'. Now you have a diaper full of mashed carrots to wash. You come home in the evening, before it was 'well we're going to have a little laugh, we're going to call a friend and invite him for an aperitif', now it's 'you take this little guy and you manage with him for two hours and a half'. It's another delirium,' he said.

That's not all ! Very recently, Camille Combal has accepted to participate in the Rémy and Charly podcast entitled '3 darons, a coffee'. In it, he revealed his child's weight. According to his words, the infant weighed no less than 4.6 kg at birth.

“Yeah, yeah, you have to wear it. He's not chubby, he's just fat and that's awesome,' he concluded.

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