Camille Santoro (Large families): her incredible tips for doing free work!

modified: 2022-09-21 18:03:02

Camille Santoro, the star of large families, shows that it is entirely possible to make renovations at zero euros.

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Large families: life in XXL , it is a show that is gaining a lot of audience. Certainly, nowadays, couples prefer to have fewer children. Moreover, there is indeed couples who want the opposite and do not hesitate to realize their dream. Camille Santoro is one of those who has a large family. She explains how she manages her home , especially with the expenses.

Large families: How do they manage expenses?

Due to inflation and the various global crises , nobody is not spared by the increase in expenses. This situation is difficult for a couple with one or two children. So just imagine the daily life of his large families .

Star of the show on TF1 Large families , Camille Santoro explains to Internet users, in particular to his followers on Instagram , how she manages to manage her household despite their number.

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But above all, how she manages to manage her expenses, while she often throws herself into DIY, etc. The young woman highlighted, for her followers, how she manages to completely redo her children's room without spending a penny .

For this demonstration, she chose to repaint and refurnish of the bedroom of her twins, Mattia and Maé. For this big challenge , she has no planned budget, but is content to do material recovery of his other children.

Helping each other is one of the reasons for success!

When you are a large family, we have to give each other a helping hand . This is also the first solution that makes us happy and calm in the House.

For his renovation challenge, Camille Santoro does not hesitate to ask his children for him lend a hand . The latter, on the other hand, find the idea entertaining and help each other in the tasks so that they are finished in a short time.

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The work turns out to be daunting , but the family does not give up. They stick together to achieve their goal. Of course, when there are many of us, we make noise. Especially since it is difficult for children to stay quiet without bickering, etc. But with a good job orchestrated by the mother , everything is working fine.

An organization is then necessary to coordinate tasks . After the brushstrokes, place to the trick that allows you to spend nothing.

Large families: Recovery and recycling, the secret to savings!

Camille Santoro took over the old beds of Alessio and Nino to put back in the bedroom of her twins Mattia and Maé. She wanted to point out that before the children grow up , several cases and accessories are still recoverable for others.

Everything can be recycled and recovered as long as it is not yet moldy, rotten or damaged. She therefore did not hesitate to pull out all the stops to succeed in her challenge.

Unfortunately for her, the works are titanic. He will need more time for the complete finalization of the room. But since the start of the project so far, no euro has been spent .

We can already say that Camille Santoro of large families has won his bet. The result can be followed on his Instagram account.