Camille Santoro Large families: worried about the health of her son Maé

modified: 2022-12-11 19:43:05

Camille Santoro 'Large families, life in XXL' shared her concern about her son's state of health on social networks.

  Camille Santoro Large families: worried about the health of her son Maé

Since its launch on TF1, in July 2020, the program 'Large families, life in XXL', was a real success . Returning to the small screen since November 28, for a 6th season, viewers can follow the adventures of the candidate families who share their adventures daily. This year again, and to the delight of their fans, the Santoro tribe has made a comeback ! The latter is very well known by viewers. Thanks to the show, Camille Santoro (large families) and her family have seen their notoriety rise , even on social networks.

They share their daily life there, whether the good ones or the bad ones. Besides, the mother posted some not very reassuring news a few moments ago.

“Mae is having an eczema crisis”

Since his participation in the docu-reality 'Large families: life in XXL', on TF1, the popularity of the Santoro tribe skyrocketed . Both on the small screen and on social networks, Camille, the young 30-year-old mother, shares her daily life, strongly punctuated by its six toddlers .

Thus, between the creation of her brand November 10, her role as an influencer on Instagram and the adventures of her children, the wife of Nicolas don't have time to be bored . However, this Tuesday, December 6, it is the state of health of her son Maé that worries her and makes her distraught!

If the Santoro twins, Mattia and Maé, take great pleasure in maintaining their likeness , there are still things that the two boys do not share. On this point, on November 22, the mother of the family mentioned one:

“We are on a huge conflict of twins. (…) Mattia needs glasses. (…) But suddenly, we have Maé who is very, very sad. Because he does not want to differentiate himself from his brother. »

And on December 06, 2022 Maé was still not better . His mother reportedly noticed plaques on her little boy's forearms. Saddened, Camille Santoro (Large Families) said:

“My poor little heart… Mae is having an eczema attack. We can't see anything on camera, but it's full of plaques. He is in too much pain… Fortunately he has the necessary treatments (…) But the poor guy… Hard, hard this push”

Camille Santoro (Large families, life in XXL), good news

The eczema attack Maé seems to have calmed down after a good night's sleep and effective treatment! This Wednesday, December 7, in her Instagram story, Camille took the opportunity to give news of her darling children.

“The twins left to make cookies with grandpa. They had been waiting for this for days and days,” she said.

It seems like everything is back to normal . A great relief for the mother of the family as well as Internet users. Indeed, the latter were worried when they learned Mae's state of health . They also supported the mother by sending her messages.

Absent from social media

You should know that this is unfortunately not the first time that Maé worries her mother. In August, the influencer with 805,000 subscribers posted a long video where she explains why she was absent from social media for a few days. We then learn that one of his sons, Maé, had to go to the hospital.

“Maé has been hospitalized for a few days. If I'm talking to you now, it's better and he should be home today, if all goes well. With us, life is not a long calm river. We wear a cross, like everyone else, we have complicated times, especially when it affects our children. We have some hard knocks, but the main thing is that Maé is fine. “, she said in the video in question.

Fortunately, faced with what happened, Camille Santoro (Large families) was able to benefit from the support of her husband . While she “went back and forth between the children who are at home and the hospital”, this one stayed by their son's bedside .

The young woman remained quite vague about the reasons for the hospitalization of his child but wanted to reassure its subscribers.

“Maé was taken care of very well. It's just that it's a little long and he wants to go home. I'm pretty shy at times like this. I refocus a lot on my family and I have a hard time opening up and coming back to Instagram. That's why I prefer not to come. The heart was not in it,” she concluded.

A few days later, Camille Santoro gave news of little Maé saying he was fine. The whole family was back home!

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