Camille Santoro: the mother of large families reveals a snapshot with her 2 sisters

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Camille Santoro reveals new members of her large family to her community: two more sisters on the family board.

  Camille Santoro: the mother of large families reveals a snapshot with her 2 sisters

Like the Pellissard family, the Santoro family holds its fame thanks to its appearance on the flagship show: Large families life in XXL . In this family, Camille Santoro and Nicolas have six children, all very endearing and maintaining a very good relationship with their parents. The mother had already spoken of a l ourd past concerning one of his brothers . But, recently, she introduced us to other members of her family.

Camille Santoro creates her brand around the tragic story of her brother

The Santoro couple pulled out of the show Large families life in XXL , just like the Pellissard family. However, they haven't followed the same path as the couple currently garnering a lot of attention. In fact, they chose engage in a new adventure that combines 'tragic past' and 'passion for fashion'.

In this context , Camille created her brand of ultra-chic children's clothing last November 10. But, the birth of this new project is due to deep wounds. Indeed, the lovely mother had turned her Internet users upside down some time before. Camille has clearly unveiled the meaning of its brand name. She took the time to explain the reason why she chose this particular name, which allowed her Internet users to understand that he pays tribute to one of his deceased brothers . By clarifying the symbolism behind the name, she established a personal connection with her internet users and reinforced the meaning and value of her brand.

The mother, who is very attached to family ties, later confessed her ambition to go to Canada to find Maxime, her other brother. Camille builds all her projects around her family, whom she adores, because she attaches great importance to her loved ones.

She reveals another part of her family: will we discover more?

She had let her subscribers know that she had a sister. Even if she was discreet, she could be seen on certain stories. However, on February 4, she reveals to everyone that she has not one sister, but two ! Indeed, Camille publishes a photo where she brings together herself and her two sisters, with the simple caption under the photo: “ have sisters ».

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That was enough for the flood of comments that followed. Concretely, the number of his brothers and sisters was asked in the comments. Luckily, most were thrilled to see the lovely mom's younger daughters. On top of that, two clans have coalesced in the comments. There have been: those who find that they look alike. And there have been: those who find that they are all different . Moreover, the pretty dimples were underlined many times and put forward as marks of resemblance. On the other hand, they all agreed on one point: Camille's siblings are always a pleasure to see and their complicity is admirable.

Fortunately for those who follow them, more content from the couple is likely to be relayed soon. Indeed, they decided to spend more time with family. As a result, they will be encouraged to share these warm moments with their community.

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