Capucine Anav: her tender declaration of love to her fiancé Victor Dumas

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On December 10, Capucine Anav made a declaration of love to her fiancé. A message that did not leave Internet users indifferent.

  Capucine Anav: her tender declaration of love to her fiancé Victor Dumas

You have probably followed the news of Capucine Anav recently. I have to say that Capucine Anav has always been able to make people smile with her slightly teasing humor and extravagances. In addition, she loves to use her social networks to communicate his daily adventures with his subscribers. They love all the videos and photos she publishes. And this, especially since the announcement of her pregnancy! November 13, Nasturtium Anav a gave birth to her first daughter, Lola. And since then, her parents have lived on a cloud filled with love and kindness. On December 10, 2022, the former reality TV candidate made a declaration of love to her fiancé , Victor. And this, on his Instagram account. We'll explaine everything here !

Capucine Anav: a caring woman

Since November 13, 2022, Capucine Anav has been a fulfilled woman. Indeed, after long months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a little girl, Lola. A long dream that has become a reality for the old reality TV contestant. Currently at Aged 31, it seems that Capucine Anav is happier than ever. And this, alongside her companion and fiancé Victor Dumas. Thus, she publishes videos and photos showing her happiness on her Instagram account. An account with nearly 1.6 million subscribers. Since the birth of their daughter, the two parents no longer hide their love.

It would seem that so they even talk about marriage . « I am continuing to organize my wedding, which will normally take place in 2023. With my darling, we are asking ourselves the question and seeing if we are moving to 2024 or not. We haven't made the decision yet so I'm still fully in the organization “, she recently confided in an Instagram story. You should know that the same day, Capucine Anav made a touching declaration of love to her fiancé, Victor. And this, in the caption of a photo on which we can then read an extract from an interview that she had granted to our colleagues from Gala July 30, 2020.” I have someone in my life, I am very happy, very fulfilled but I want to protect our relationship as much as possible ». Confidences that do not seem to have changed.

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A declaration of love to Victor

You should know that Capucine Anav appreciates a lot the private aspect of his life. Indeed, the former reality TV candidate and columnist for TPMP has often had to deal with breaches of privacy. This is why, when she met her fiancé, she did not want to announce it to the world directly. Capucine Anav does not regret this choice of discretion. Especially now that they started a family and they are about to get married. You should know that their love began in 2020. In order to confess all her gratitude to him, the latter made him a touching declaration of love on social networks. And this, with very raw and sincere terms.

Capucine Anav therefore insisted on thank him for everything he brings to him on a daily basis . « Fiancee, mom, actress! Since this interview in Gala, July 30, 2020, I got engaged and became a mom! I've been waiting for this for so long... “, she began by saying. And this, before adding a personal message for her future husband, Victor Dumas. ' Thank you my man for having realized all my dreams in such a short time… Thanks to you, I am now a fulfilled woman. I love you '. A declaration of love as touching as it is sincere. Subscribers then have no not hesitate to underline their emotion under the message of Capucine Anav.

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