Capucine Anav: the young mother announces the loss of a loved one

modified: 2023-01-19 09:48:03

Capucine Anav is currently in mourning for a loved one. On January 16, 2023, the young mother made a sad announcement on social networks.

  Capucine Anav: the young mother announces the loss of'un être cher à son coeur

The actress going through a difficult time in his life . Indeed, Capucine Anav has just lost a person who is very dear to her. It is this Monday, January 16, 2023 that e She announced the bad news on her Instagram account . The opportunity for the influencer of create a moving tribute . We take stock in this article.

Nasturtium Anav newly mum

Avant que son ciel s'obscurcisse, Capucine Anav experienced absolute happiness . This is the birth of his daughter. Remember that the influencer has 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram became a mother for the first time last year .

Indeed, on November 13, 2022, she gives birth to a daughter, Lola , born of her love with her companion, Victor. Although it was the happiest day of their lives, joy mingled with worry. Because, the birth was difficult .

“Lola 🏷️ on the evening of 13/11/2022, our life changed forever thanks to the somewhat hasty arrival of our princess 👑 A huge thank you to all the teams at the Natecia private hospital, for being so reassuring despite my anxieties and above all a big thank you to the gynecologist Jean-Michel Dreyfus who made me live the most incredible moment of my life! “, she posted on her Instagram.

According to the information, little Lola was born prematurely . Thus, at birth, the infant was fragile. In particular because of his illness, bronchiolitis, which the baby contracted shortly after birth .

What was not easy for his parents . Especially for the reality star who had to spend several days in the hospital. In any case, for the end of the year celebrations, the little family was able to reunite .

Capucine Anav mourns her grandfather

While the year 2023 just made up for it , Capucine Anav announces bad news to its subscribers. The young mother is in mourning for a loved one. In effect, his grandfather left to join the stars .

“Bodies go away, but never souls. I love you my grandpa “, wrote Capucine Anav in an Instagram story.

Obviously, faced with this terrible tragedy, Capucine Anav was able to count on the support of its virtual community . In addition to her followers, the actress also received comfort from Magali Berdah and his relatives.

Grateful, on January 17, 2023, the young woman speaks facing the camera and say :

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the messages (…) I will not dwell too much on the subject because I am quite modest (…) We paid him a super nice tribute yesterday and where I am happy is that he had the chance, and it made me happy, to meet my little Lola. He had a great life, he lived 94 years. »

This before adding:

“Now we are going to be 100% present for my grandma. I would have liked to share a photo of my grandfather and I with you (…) and mourn by your side, but I am modest and my family is even more so than me. So out of respect for my family, we're going to keep it to ourselves and move on. »

We wish him all the courage in the world to overcome this grief!

Her post-pregnancy weight loss

Apart from this mourning, Capucine Anav also has to fight to lose the extra pounds due to her pregnancy. Until then, the reality TV candidate is doing quite well .

Indeed, very active on social networks, the young mother often shares her weight loss to his community. Despite her efforts to lose weight, the pretty brunette says she wants to keep a few pounds off so she doesn't look too thin . And this, while having a flat stomach.

“I would just like to lose this little bun, just to have a flat stomach. But otherwise, yes, I would like to keep the few extra pounds I gained. I would love to,” she revealed in December on Instagram.

Recall that the father of his daughter Lola is a named Victor . This handsome brunette is her companion with whom she has been making perfect love for some time. Moreover, it is the day of Saint Valentine of the same year that the influencer announced her engagement on social media .

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