Caroline Goldman: who is Jean-Jacques Goldman's daughter in the spotlight this year 2022?

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Caroline Goldman's opinion left some doubt about her father's educational methods. So she decided to clear things up.

  Caroline Goldman: who is Jean-Jacques Goldman's daughter in the spotlight this year 2022?

Jean-Jacques Goldman, favorite artist of many French people, has been out of the limelight for nearly 20 years . Author and performer of successful songs, he lived in complete discretion in order to protect your family from media pressure . In 2022, she ended up catching up with her 2 children, Michael and Caroline Goldman. But it is correct to say that this time, their father has nothing to do with it . Michael Goldman is in the spotlight since he became director of the “Star Academy”. His sister, meanwhile, is attracting media attention, because of her positions taken in his profession as a psychologist . She even granted an interview to the Parisian to clarify her biases. Explanations.

Caroline Goldman: Jean-Jacques Goldman blamed for the positions taken by his daughter

Caroline Goldman is the daughter of Jean-Jacques Goldman and psychologist Catherine Morlet. She was born before Michael, director of the last season of the 'Star Academy' and Nina, pediatrician. After his divorce from their mother, the artist had three daughters (Maya, Kim and Rose) with his current wife, Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, PhD in mathematics.

Caroline Goldman followed in his mother's footsteps . She became a psychologist herself and has a doctorate in clinical child psychology. The forties is well known in the community , thanks to the podcasts she publishes regularly. She even made an appearance on the show “Les Maternelles” .

Unlike her father, Caroline Goldman is often the target of criticism . The reason ? The biases of this mother of 4 children are often debated on social networks. She in particular advocates punishment by cornering , commonly referred to as the 'time out'.

But the tone rose when this one began to attack the point of view of the two figures positive parenting: Catherine Gueguen and Isabelle Filliozat. She was particularly criticized by one of her colleagues who said:

“It is not based on any scientific research and conveys a very dark vision of the child who would only seek to take power. What she wants is to return to educational violence. Violence that she undoubtedly experienced when she was young. »

She defends her father against the allegations of her colleagues

On Thursday, October 27, Caroline Goldman was able to respond to the criticisms of this psychologist . She first argued that she did not want to 'pass for the reactionary bogeyman'. But in his experience, positive education “makes parents feel guilty and ends up paralyzing them. »

She also finds it regrettable that the latter “prevent themselves from containing their children by thinking that they will traumatize them”. She argues that we must 'stop talking and temporarily lock [the children] in their room' when their offspring go too far .

As well, Caroline Goldman did not fail to declare what his father was far from being a tyrant . According to her, her parents have always treated her well.

“I was not punished when I was little… I was even very hard on my younger brother. »

Jean-Jacques Goldman, meanwhile, remained silent , in the face of this controversy. After all, the public statements of the singer are increasingly rare . The latter is discreet and avoids media appearances. He only expresses himself by post with his fans. There is little chance that he will react to this controversy .

The confidences of Caroline Goldman on the notoriety of her father

Unlike many celebrity children, Caroline Goldman claims his family did not suffer from their father's fame . She says she and her brother and sister have always lived normal lives.

According to the psychologist, the notoriety of her father 'had no importance for our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and never really had an impact (positive or negative) on us children . »

His family lived in the suburbs of Paris, to be precise, in Montrouge (92). The Goldmans kept away from the upscale neighborhoods of the capital , even though they could very well afford it.

Several years ago, Liberation claimed that the singer's children told school that their dad was a plumber . After all, the majority of the time, this one designed tubes .

“This dimension has never had the slightest place in our family values”, continues Caroline, about the popularity of her father.

The singer's children are grateful to have been able to grow up with a famous parent , without carrying the weight of the media mass.

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