Caroline Margeridon, Deal concluded: 'I have bruises everywhere' she gives her news

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Caroline Margueridon, known for her functions in Affaire Conclue, was attacked. She gave her news.

  Caroline Margeridon, Deal concluded: 'j'ai des bleus partout" elle donne de ses nouvelles

For some years, the French can discover the world of antique dealers on the small screen. Thus, the issue concluded deal , connects individuals with buyers. The goal? Have an object appraised, then raise the auction . Presented by Sophie Davant, this program has had some success. And the participants face seasoned professionals like François-Xavier Renou or Gérald Watelet. But among them buyer Caroline Margeridon has just experienced a terrible misfortune. Recently, she took the floor to give her news to the public.

Caroline Margeridon, covered in bruises

Accustomed to the flea market, in Paris and Saint-Ouen, this antique dealer suffered a violent assault. While she was in a parking lot, near the Biron market , several men attacked him. Probably to steal his personal effects, and in particular a valuable handbag . A surprising situation for this specialist. If she filed a complaint, Caroline Margeridon wants to put things into perspective . “It could have been much more serious (…) And we must not be afraid. Of course you always have to be careful, but I'm always careful. I never go to this parking lot alone. Never ! I've been at the Puces for years, I've been going to the Biron Market for years. I always go there with my friends or they pick up my car. Alright, that's life. We are not dead. »

Following this attack, Caroline Margeridon had fairly visible sequelae . The Bobigny prosecution confirmed the facts. » The victim took at least one punch, she had to see the doctor. »

The buyer speaks on social networks

S’ it took more to stop Caroline Margeridon , she still had to take the time to hide her bruises. To do this, she had to go through the makeup box . She also filmed herself from the dressing rooms. ' There, you think she put makeup on me, but not at all, it's a nice bruise . I have bruises everywhere. »

Indeed, on this video, we can distinguish several traces, in particular a fairly black blue on the back of his hand. But that did not prevent the buyer from returning to service.

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And the account buyer does not stop there. In effect, according to Caroline Margeridon, the police should quickly find his attackers . 'I think we'll find them, because they put DNA and it's going to be a big shock to them! »

But to avoid further incidents in the future, she also decided to be more careful. To do this, Caroline Margeridon is now well accompanied . 'Hey loves, look who I'm with. I'm with my bodyguard. And you know what, we visited our new premises and they are sublime. » If she doesn't let it go, she still keeps smiling. In her last Instagram post, the buyer recalled her life philosophy. «On reste libre, libre de vivre! »

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