Carpooling bonuses: the French concerned by the two bonuses of €100 from 2023

modified: 2022-12-19 16:46:02

Would you like to benefit from the carpooling bonus? Rest assured, we reveal what you need to do in this article.

  Carpooling bonuses: the French concerned by the two bonuses of €100 from 2023

To benefit from the carpooling bonus, several conditions must be met. We quote them to you a little below.

The objectif de la prime covoiturage

While the price of energy and fuel are soaring, the government is increasing the measures to help the population. Recently, it set up the carpooling bonus. This bonus was created to encourage as many drivers as possible to adopt carpooling as their main means of transport.

Launched on December 13, 2022, the national “everyday carpooling” plan has a very specific goal. Triple the number of carpool trips by 2027. In this way, in addition to saving fuel, the government will be able to limit the impact of motorized vehicles on the environment.

“It is a response to the increase in fuel prices, complementary to the measures that we have already implemented for the French, such as the fuel rebate or aid for low-income workers. It also complements our increased efforts to electrify the vehicle fleet and develop active mobility,” explained Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

To benefit from the carpooling bonus, you can now register for a platform. However, do not validate your first trip until January 1, 2023.

The reason ? Only journeys made during the year 2023 are counted by the government. If you register and validate your first journey in 2022, you may not obtain the bonus.

Furthermore, know better to register on several platforms when you start carpooling. This will increase your chances of finding rides similar to yours.

Plus, since you'll be on multiple apps at once, you'll be able to see which one works best for you.

Eligibility criteria for the carpooling bonus

Have you ever carpooled? If so, be aware that you will no longer be able to benefit from the carpooling bonus. Indeed, only drivers who have recently registered on a carpooling platform are eligible. For seniors, the government has unfortunately blocked the bonus.

Note that there are two carpooling bonuses, the short-distance carpooling bonus and the long-distance carpooling bonus.

To receive the first, the conditions to be met are as follows:

  • have his license
  • be registered on the application or website of a carpooling platform eligible for the bonus
  • make a first trip of at least 80 km as a driver
  • make nine other trips of a distance of at least 80 km within 3 months of the first

The long-distance carpooling bonus requires fulfilling almost the same conditions as the short-distance bonus. The only difference lies in the routes to be taken.

To obtain the long-distance carpooling bonus, you must indeed travel at least 80 km. Then, two other long-distance journeys in the 3 months following the first.

Important point. Any driver who has benefited from the CEE system of these operators is not entitled to the carpooling bonus:

  • Blablacar
  • In wars
  • Klaxit

However, if the driver benefited from the scheme 3 or more years ago, he will still be able to benefit from the bonus.

Eligible carpooling platforms

There are several carpooling platforms in France, but to date, only 8 are eligible for the carpooling bonus.

These 8 platforms are:

  • Coopgo
  • BlablaCar Daily
  • Ecov
  • Mobicoop
  • the road to see you
  • Klaxit
  • In wars
  • Instant

This list could grow even longer once the system is in place. Stay informed to find out what the new entrants are.

Now let's talk about payments. As revealed by the government, this bonus will be awarded to drivers in the form of cash or vouchers. It will amount to 100 euros and will be paid by carpooling platforms as follows:

  • 25 euros will be paid to the driver within three months of his first trip
  • 75 euros will be paid to him within three months of his 10ᵉ short-distance trip (or his 3ᵉ long-distance trip)

Some may wonder if the carpooling bonus can be added to the sustainable mobility package. The answer is yes, they add up.

An employee who benefits from the sustainable mobility package can claim the bonus. As a driver who receives the premium may also be entitled to the device.

Source : Mercipourlinfo