Carrefour, Leclerc, Lidl: these great supermarket deals to save on shopping!

modified: 2022-09-27 13:23:02

In 2022, soaring prices have affected the wallet of the French. But supermarkets are pulling out all the stops to attract customers.


Inflation, but also shortages , have a heavy impact on everyone's daily lives. Pay a full of fuel or an energy bill becomes harder and harder . And supermarket products are also experiencing a sharp rise in prices. Besides, the he government has already implemented several measures to support purchasing power. Faced with this lasting crisis, some supermarkets are offering the advantages of buying without breaking the bank .

Stop rising prices in supermarkets!

For prevent their customers from having too much need to deprive themselves , some supermarkets offer to lock in the prices of the most popular items.

So, in the spring, E. Leclerc launched the 'anti-inflation shield' . The operation was to last from May 4 to July 31, 2022. However, to help consumers, the brand has finally extended this offer until December 4 . From now on, E. Leclerc supermarkets offer 230 references whose prices are blocked. These articles therefore remain inflation protected . And in this list, we find the favorite products of the French like Coca-Cola or Herta sausages.

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In the same genre , Carrefour launched a price freeze operation from August 22 to November 30, 2022. In the supermarkets of this brand, 100 products will have their prices frozen for almost 100 days. The list again contains essential products like burgers or spread.

Unmissable discounts at your favorite stores

For reduce receipt amounts , some brands are opting for the rebate . In fact, it's a simple way to retain customers and bring them to supermarkets.

Also, since July 1, Intermarche propose a good plan unpublished in its stores. He rocks 5% discount on more than 1800 references. Be aware, however, that the affected products are limited to supermarket 'distributor' brands. For example, we can cite Monique Ranou for the charcuterie , or Pâturages, the range of yoghurts and dairy products.

At Lidl, a 5% discount also relieves customers . The offer covers all items, without distinction. All you have to do is install the Lidl Plus app. Thus, you will be entitled to this reduction once a month, in your supermarkets Lidl . In addition, this offer works as soon as the total of you courses exceeds 50 euros.

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Finally, followers of the german brand know very well that we find everything in our rays . Thus, Lidl supermarkets offer food, but also household appliances or textile or high-tech articles . Enough to save money on other very useful purchases.

Exclusive and targeted discounts on supermarket shelves

In this difficult context, other brands have chosen to reach out to their most vulnerable customers . Thus, Casino supermarkets offer discounts reserved for students and seniors .

In another order of ideas, period chose to take action for a balanced diet , at discounted price. Now the supermarkets of the sign offer a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. But their prices remain between 0.99 and 1.99 euros , in order to benefit everyone. This measure targets all profiles, with a single goal: better access to healthy products.