Catherine Laborde: Fear is the approach of the end 'sick, she makes a rare appearance

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Interviewed on January 27, Catherine Laborde talks about her fears and her strengths in the face of her illness. Here are his secrets.

  Catherine Laborde: Fear, c'est l'approche de la fin" malade, elle fait une rare apparition

Catherine Laborde, emblematic figure of television, has been more and more discreet since leaving TF1 , in 2017. She returned on January 27, 2023, during an interview on Current Woman. Now 71 years old, she confides in her Lewy body dementia . This neurodegenerative disease, difficult to live with, combines symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. She tells what this changes for her couple and her daily life. She mentions in particular his fear of disappearing one day . Discover his rare and moving testimony in this article.

What is the disease from which Catherine Laborde suffers?

Catherine Laborde confessed for the first time his battle with Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia in 2014. In her book “Trembler”, published in 2018, she explains her feelings and experiences since her diagnosis. She mentioned in particular confused ideas, attention disorders and the difficulty of doing tasks at the same time.

This is an uphill battle she fights every day .

“My symptoms are those of old age: fatigue, uncoordinated movements, falls. I stumble at least once a day. But it is not only the body that is gradually unraveling. I also feel like I'm a lot more emotional than before. It is difficult for me to go out in the street, I am afraid of everything. There are so many things that I forbid myself to do, first of all for fear of not being able to do it…”, she says.

According to the Allodoctors website,

“There is no cure. Those affected can only benefit from treatment to curb the symptoms of Lewy body disease. »

The evolution of Catherine Laborde's disease

Catherine Laborde said goodbye on TF1 in 2017 , after working for 28 years as a weather presenter.

“Those were great times, joyful times, camaraderie times. I take you with me. You will forget me, not me. I love you,” she said.

Since that day, the former presenter is rather discreet about his state of health . On Tuesday October 4, 2022, Thomas Stern, her husband had entrusted on France 2, the evolution of his state of health.

“She has entered a phase where she finds it difficult to express herself. That is to say, she understands what is being said, but she has a very difficult time formulating things,” he said.

He presents Lewy body disease as being “a so-called fluctuating disease. She has times when she becomes completely lucid again and in fact it does not reassure her because in those moments, she wonders what is happening to her. he mentioned.

She fears “the approach of the end”

This Friday, January 27, Catherine Laborde had come with her husband to give her news .

“No, it doesn't ask me to be brave, it asks me to hold on. Not to crack, not to resign. It's a disease that picks a little on the left, on the right in the affections of the brain, but we dive little by little into something very painful and then we go up and poof, we go down again and that's difficult to live,' she says at the start of the interview.

Catherine Laborde is well surrounded. But she nevertheless keeps the fear of dying .

“Fear is the approach of the end, it is a banal fear,” she says.

The former weather presenter “realizes how complicated it is for him [her husband], little source of joy”. However, she admits to having found a good rhythm in his marriage.

“With Thomas, we have nevertheless found a kind of balance between helping and helping which allows us to move forward and remain in active life. »

She is grateful to this man who always supported him no matter what .

“Thomas is an extremely strong, powerful being, but not only. He has in him a joviality which is quite rare and exceptional. This is where I realize how lucky I am to have met this man. My strength is love. It's undeniable. »

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