Cauet: 'I'm the one paying for it!' » his secrets about his 22-year-old son

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A distraught father! This is how we can describe Sébastien Cauet following his recent revelations about his son.

  Cauet: 'C'est moi qui le paye !" ses confidences sur son fils de 22 ans

Born in Saint-Quentin in the Aisne, Sébastien Cauet will celebrate its 50th birthday on April 28, 2023 . Officiating in the middle of the PAF for several years, the man was once one of the leading animators of TF1 . With his show 'La Méthode Cauet', broadcast between 2003 and 2008, he was the channel's favorite in terms of audience. However, after the end of the program, the faithful sidekick of Cécile de Ménibus is very discreet on television . Leaving aside the small screen, it is on the radio that he now flourishes. Accompanied by his band of columnists, Arthur's former assistant entertains the editors of NRJ 12 station in 'C Cauet' .

Cauet, a father at the end of his tether

This is also the case during the show on Wednesday January 18, 2023. On set, the team received a seer whose predictions turned on Valmont , the host’s son. Indeed, feeling that the soon to be fifty-year-old is very concerned about the future of his eldest, she asked him about her . Notably, the oracle asked Cauet if Valmont, 22, was independent. To which he replied:

“He has his apartment, yes, but you see a job or not because as he does not jerk off anything, I would like him to find it. Since he has a baobab in his hand! »

It must be said that the young man is damn passive and seems to totally let live . Consequently, his dad despairs of ever seeing him take charge of his life.

'It's me who pays for his apartment, as he doesn't want to do anything,' lamented the father of the family.

Visibly surprised by the revelations of the latter, the seer did not mince words either opposite Valmont.

'It's as if you had a ball on your feet …', she assured, facing Cauet who was at the end of his tether.

A rather daring remark that the voice of NRJ12 concedes entirely.

'Yes, yes, you can say it, that's a beautiful description,' he effectively continued.

'You're not my son, you come from Tex! »

Fortunately for Cauet, the oracle still had some good news for him . According to his predictions, 2023 will be a good year for the comedian; especially financially. However, she advised him to let go because it could “slow down on your sentimental investment in certain things” . Obviously, despite this warning, the former face of the small screen is not ready to let go of the matter with his son. He concludes :

“He has to find a job, otherwise he will take one by force. There is a time when you will have to work anyway! »

That is what is said! Note that this is not the first time that Sébastien Cauet is also critical of his elder . In 2020, he came to join him on the set of “C Cauet” to make a few jokes. Notably that of the penguin who breathes through the buttocks , breathes and then dies. And the least we can say is that his attempts to amuse the gallery were a fiasco. For good reason, the young man, 20 years old at the time, got no laughs . Which obviously did not please his father. Annoyed, Cauet said to him:

“You shame me without messing […] You are not my son, you come from Tex you. »

A protective father

Well, if they look alike like two drops of water, Father and son obviously don't share the same sense of humor . For information, Valmont, born in 2000, is the fruit of love between Sébastien Cauet and his former partner, Virginie. Together, the two exes are also the happy parents of a daughter named Ivana , born two years after her big brother.

Even if he is sometimes harsh towards his son, you should know that Cauet loves him deeply, him and his sister. So much so that he has trouble cutting the cord . And this, because “He really likes to make sure they are good” . In the columns of Télé 7 jours, he notably declared:

“I will try to make sure everything is pre-chewed for them, that the fridge is full, I do what they like for them. I know that now they are big and that we will have to let go. »

To return to Ivana, like all young girls of her age, She is very active on social media . Federating more than 35,000 subscribers on Instagram, she regularly shares photos of her daily life as an ultra-trendy young person. Note that on the sentimental level, the pretty blonde is no longer a heart to take . Indeed, on a few shots, we can see her all smiles in the arms of a man named Cyprien. Concerning his famous father, the latter currently lives on cloud nine alongside model Nathalie Dartois .

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